Free INSTANT MSN Live Messenger Invite !!!!

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Enjoy 🙂

81 Responses to Free INSTANT MSN Live Messenger Invite !!!!

  1. Works!

    Thank you !

  2. how does this help

  3. Hey thanks its brill!!

  4. yeah, works! nice one!

  5. swweeeet thx soo much

  6. and how r u suposed 2 get this?

  7. cheers mate

  8. bueno me gustaria tener mas espacio en mi msn para poder almacenar las informaciones que manejo en la empresa… gracias

  9. why would I want this?

  10. can you have ur name colour wen you have msn live???

  11. hiyaaa thanks

  12. hello there ,Can any 1 tell me how to unlock , e 606 ,and if it works in Malta

  13. it works, Good …thanks so much

  14. thanks this is shit it wont let me sign in

  15. süperrr yaaaaa

  16. çok ğüsel bişiii

  17. great its so easy thanks and keep up the good work

  18. aww man it wont let me!! well i am @ skl where everythinks blocked ill try again l8rz!!


  19. can i have the new version of MSN please

  20. how do you get name colour on msn live??

  21. Oops. It’s not anything you did–it’s us. Our site’s down. Please try again later.

  22. would love to get on !! no luck so far !!

  23. please can i have windows live messanger

  24. no you cant have colour names with windows live messenger i think u can with the msn 9.0 ill get back too you if you can have colour names with msn 9,0 when i find it ill leave you the link too download it

  25. hiya ! i wnt msn live bt duno ow to download it :S:S can u help me plzzzzzzzz !!! lvz ya xx

  26. oi m8 can u help me my msn live plus has locked how do i get back on it

  27. I really need help, I have same poblem as Adam and I really want to go back onto msn live but it’s locked me out HELP PLEASE!

  28. xx emma loves stef 4eva xx
    xx chontelle loves steven xx
    * 2006 *

  29. Help I’ve locked my msn messenger by accident-how do I get it back ?

  30. iv locked my msn, howd u get it bk???

  31. sexy sophz ere i am single nd reli bored of it now so if any of u fit ppl out dere ere is my addy nd i will give u my number if u add me and even add me if u are not single i hav blond hair blue shiny eyes i am skinny (not like reli skinny tho) i am sexy!!!!! all u could ever wish 4 huh???

  32. Hi ther my msn has locked i dont know how to get it back on again can you help me pleaseeee thanx love and stuff vicki

  33. can you help me i want to invite a friend to join me on instance messanger , i dont know how please help me if you can ,,,thanking you in advance pleassse

  34. (NO NEED TO NO)

    my msn has locked how do i unlock it please can anyone help me?

  35. my msn locked.. help?!?!?!

  36. i locked my msn by accident.. help?!?!?!

  37. need help please- can’t access msn messenger at school and not allowed to use it at home either plz help asap

  38. msn has locked how do you unlock it

  39. Hi

    I have figured out how to unlock MSN when you accidentally lock it. Press ctrl alt + delete. Go on processes and end MSNMSGR.exe. You should then be able to reopen messenger. You will then be able to set a password on the msn preferences menu.

    Hope this is ok

  40. Right… same problem as most people here… msn locked me out!!! help me please. ben

  41. Tanya’s works.. TRY IT! 🙂

  42. hiya……tnx tanya for that.any1 wanna add me im still single but im still luvin it!

  43. pooooooooooooo!

  44. hello please help i dont seem to be able to get msn messanger live dont laugh my comp is me is this the reason or am i doin something wrong thanks sean

  45. i want colour in my name

  46. i have ocked msn messanger and have no idea what i have done please help

    press ctrl alt+del click processes find msnmsgr.exe right click it an end da process (dnt worry about da warnin)
    u can now reopen ur msn
    wen u sign bak in go 2 messenger plus live an go 2 preferences
    click the messenger tab an on da side u will c messenger lock click it an scroll dwon 2 options when unlockin msgr change it 2 unlock with system wide shortcut
    That it, thats wot i call help 😉
    check out my myspace page 🙂

  48. yaaaaaaay it worked! i got real scared like innit

  49. Ive Locked my msn how do i un lck it???

  50. how do u unlock msn frm school computers

  51. this dunt work im still lcked out ma msn email me at

  52. Hey Thanks Natbag It Really Helped 🙂

  53. thanks alot i was so scared but it really worked

    scared Me alot
    thanks it worked

  55. THANKEE!!!!!!!!! It works!

  56. Itss Blockedd Omggg!!!!

  57. Thanx tanya up there ^^^

    life saver :L

  58. jus duble clik tha lil icon that replaces yur msn dude in the bottom ryt of yur screen if yu lock yur msn its much easier.

  59. add me (!!!!!!

  60. add me (!!!!

  61. Dan ur a fuckin legend!!

  62. ive tryed everything to get my msn unlcked and its not workin can u help please !!

  63. Hiya does anyone know where to download msn messenger 9.0 please??
    thx x

  64. locked ma messenger dnt no hw 2 unlock it help me plz ???

  65. so much more simple !!
    next to the time. on the lower right hand corner of your task bar is gnna be a lil icon. it luks like a hard drive. tht icon replaces the msn icon. just double click it. and wahh laa. no need to sign off or nada. =]
    -hope this helps

  66. Laurens works but you need to press Ctrl on some computers. Like on mine!

  67. How do you get colour in your name?

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