Free Windows Live Messenger Invites!!

Yes I have some MSN Messenger Live invites to give out.

Want one?

Its easy, just leave a comment and explain why you prefer Windows over Unix.

I will pick the best replies and mail the invites out.

Good luck !

116 Responses to Free Windows Live Messenger Invites!!

  1. My answer:Windows is easier to use especially for those people who don’t speak English like me. You needn’t to be professional.

    Requesting Windows Live Messenger beta and Windows Live Mail Invite

    My EMail:Bitwei[at]


  2. i wonna try live

  3. i mustbe tray new messenger live

  4. i dont speak english… but i want try new msn live

  5. please send me an invitation i realy want it


    my email

  6. please may i have an invite please.
    thank you

  7. Hi!

    To my mind Windows is just easier to use for newbies and once we have gotten used to something we have a hard time changing to something new and whose advantages lay certainly not in the field of consumer, end-user products but are mainly developed for Pros.


    send me an invite pleasee!

  9. my answer: nearly everything works on windows including programs, games. unlike unix where you need to get a program to emulate windows anyway! it’s also a lot more user friendly and even my parents can use it!


  10. please send me an invite too thx in adv

  11. Windows is universal, you can work just about anything on it and it’s just plain prettier, the user interface is more friendly. It’s easier to use for newer people, and it’s the standard for most things in the computer industry at the moment. A monkey could work windows if they tryed hard enough.

  12. Windows: Well laid graphical design with hundreds of easy to use applications and built in support for more hardware then any other O.S. out there.

    Unix: No good graphical layout yet, all run along the same plain lines. Compiling an app not specifically designed for your system causes problems. No good hardware drivers as compared to Windows.

    ianpyst at iezpc dot com

  13. windows is a universal system, the gui is simple and easy enough for anyone to use and doesnt require any real knowledge, it’s great because its simple, which has made it huge, the widespread usage of it is the main reason its better than unix, you can do just about anything on windows and more than any other.

    send me an invite please

  14. hye dude,
    wanna invite me for WLM

  15. Because Windows Live! Messenger doesn’t work on Unix and never will (without other software) ๐Ÿ˜‰ and likewise if I’m sent an invite, it wouldn’t work on Unix… =P

  16. The reason I prefer windows to unix is that… I have to be honest I have never ever used Unix! but if I get a windows live messenger invite I am willing to try anything! thanks –

  17. so you will give invites to strangers but won’t give one to me:(

  18. i always prefer linux.

    tapoem [at]

  19. Invite sent to Greg. Well Done ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Invite sent to Caby. Well Done ๐Ÿ™‚

    More invites available …

  21. Can I have one if you have any left?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Hi, may I have one?
    Thank you very much.

  23. Hey Ali, Please pass me an invite, God Bless.

    Heh, easy… I dont even use unix.

    Thanks, Dodz

  24. please let me have an invete to the new windows live messenger.
    i prefer windows as i have always used and i can stand on my own two feet when using it.

  25. I’d like to recieve an invite, if you would. =)

    Thanking you. ;D

  26. my msn sign in addy is and not the e mail above……well i would like an invite to msn live and windows is better than linux coz……i dont like ducks!!!!

  27. because Microsoft is plotting evil schemes to take over the world, and i want to be a part of it. (pat’s xbox 360 and big MICROSOFT computer)

  28. Simple… for personal computing, I love windows and linux, but the Unix power just overwelms everything microsoft and linux have to give (for now), it is alot more stable, yes, it is harder for begguiners but for professionals its the security net for all their big jumps.

    SilentWarrior ( )

  29. Another 5 invites received and first posted to SilentWarrior. Well Done ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Please, please may i have one!!!!


  31. Please, please may i have one!!!!

  32. Windows is more flexible than unix and more programs are suporrted on microsoft than unix this ideal for beginners as they want to reach the understanding of the basic computering.
    But i have to say unixis more powerfull than microsoft buut unix is not ideal for beginers.

  33. I would like one too.

  34. Ive grown up with windows and I would have to say just the ease of use and the fact that I can play video games on windows with more ease

  35. Pleas, pleas giuve me one invite ๐Ÿ™‚ at

  36. one invite please to gigi[dot]d[dot]agostino[at]email[dot]si

  37. I want to use MSN Live because it has a sleek professinal look. Also, with 2 gig of free storage with cool features it is an excellent mail use. I am also running out of storage on Yahoo! I realy need one! Thanks

  38. Answer: I like windows more, just because Billy G. is tha man!

  39. Hello if anybody has an invite left an wants to share i would be grateful ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. please may i have an invite? My email address is I prefer windows over unix because windows is more powerful and has many more programs on it and than unix

  41. well, I can’t really say why Windows is better than Unix just because I’ve never used it before but it’d probably too technical for someone of my clibre to use it. I prefer Windows over the macintosh though because the interface is much more user friendly and easily gives us access to everything we need.

  42. Could I please have an invite as I have it installed but can’t sign in. I would greatly appreciate it.

  43. Hey there. I would gratly appreciate an invite. I like Windows over Unix since it is a lot easier to use. My msn is:

  44. windows is an easy to use universal system, the interface is simple and easy enough for anyone to use and doesn’t require any real form of formal training, itโ€™s great because its simple, which has made it in my opinion the best OS, the overwhelmingly high usage of windows is the main reason its better than unix, the range of tasks that can be peroformed using windows is virtually limitless…that’s y it’s better than unix.
    send me an invite please my address is… Thanx in advance Ali

  45. Hey. Thanks for the invite. “Unfortanatly” I got my personal invite from Microsoft today. Don’t hestitate to tell me if you want something in return.

  46. Hey ali man thanx for the invite…it’s 2am down here and i was checkin my mail…and it was an eye opener. I’mma try out and i’mma post some comments. Thanx again man


  47. Hi, could I have an invite?
    my msn address is: troll84_[at]
    I prefer Windows because it is easier than unix, and there are more programs made for it.

  48. may i give live mail beta user invantion

  49. Hey,

    i have 10 invites left
    if you want one for windows live messenger then email me at

  50. please!! =) i need an invitation of Windows Live Mail.
    My email is
    send me anyone, thanks!! =D

  51. Hi there can anyone plz hook me up with a Windows Live
    messenger invite. my email’s
    Thanks alot if you can! ๐Ÿ˜€

  52. because when you install it on a younger siblings computer, there is no need to teach them *nix code, and when you install windows, everything is so simple, and comes with a very easy tour.

    plus i love the baloontips

    plus like the jeep: there is only one (distro of) windows.


  54. At the moment I prefer Windows beecause I have always used it and its quite simple. If I really wanted to get a truly brilliant website going and decided not to be stingy and get a web server at home I would probably go with Linux though. It has no viruses, is widely supported and is of course free. It is probably the most secure OS available, which is what you want when hosting a website. but anyway I chose Windows because its what I have been taught and what most people use. Linux programming is probably easier than windows if you are using c++ but there are a bunch of languages that are used in both platforms like php, python, perl just to name a few. I am a big fan of cross-platform programming so languages like java or perl are good.

    btw my email is


  55. Great post Beatboy. MSN Messenger Live Invite posted. Well Done ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. look at web services at – there are more IIS4/5/6 servers out there than all *nix’es combined. that spells one word: s-u-p-p-o-r-t: its there for Windows, simply a ghost in the shell for Unix (pun intended).


  57. ..and to the alias ‘cya’ above my post: no viruses on linux, eh? can you spell rootkits? they started in the system v / bsd world *before* they ever got to win32. its all about the numbers: how many users is proportional to how many contraband type apps are programmed. look at the onset now of cheap Macs with folks digging into OSX as the new thing to do. there has been more ‘mac’ virii and trojan attacks in the last six months than in the rest of apple history. its quite simple – the more people use the more something gets exploited till it matures. OSX users are in for the ride of their lives once that OS hits critical mass *especially* given the amount of open source libraries that are out there. i donโ€™t see the average OSX user prepared for this. there are to sides to every coin and 90% of the mac users are under the impression that they’re safe from everything because they have an instance of OSX running. right soccer moms everywhere rejoice, eh? It’s all really just growing pains – and Apple has deflated itself for far too long with its limited user base living under it’s “parents” roof. Time for some real world exposure to see how that pretty shell handles the world of compliers, GCC libraries, and rootkits!

    gerson j. ricardo
    network and systems engineer
    “we live in complete uncertainty; no matter how long or routine life appears to be”

  58. As usual I go mouthing off and acrew up something. The actual web stat link is and not the aforementioned link. sorry ๐Ÿ™‚




  60. Hey, im new to these forums but am trying to get an invite to try the new mail beta hotmail…my email is…i can offer messenger invites i have spare or just be really thankful! Hope someone can help!

  61. How you doing… even thought I think windows is easier to use because of the look and feel part, unix has a technical reputation…which is very very hard to take away now.
    Thx in advance for the invite =D

  62. i want to try windows live messenger invite me pls

  63. i want to try windows live messenger invite me pls e-mail is

  64. hi

    im want to try windows live messenger invite me please

    many thanks


  65. Hiya, i would very much like to have a messenger live invite, would like to try it out. thanks but if i dont get one thats okay too.

  66. HI,
    I would like a Windows Live Email Invite at
    Thanks a lot,

  67. I’d like to have an invite too


  68. Hi Ali, glad to know you have invites. I really would like one, since I always love to try new Microsoft products and sometimes get my chance. This beta try would be great. Thanks.

  69. Hi Ali and others,
    I want to try this new generation messenger, please send me an invitation.
    thanx a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

  70. good afternoon, everyone.

    Uh… a reason why i prefer Windows over Linux? well, easy… everything revolves around windows. Work, school, leisure… it all. Plus most software production companies revolve around the Windows OS and i love gaming (FPS style lol) so, its the only way… and macs are shit so… yeah… Oh, almost forgot, i would really appreciate an invite… strange though, it did work for like a day, then decided to block me ๐Ÿ™‚ lol… thankyou.


  71. I would love to try Live but unlike other family members, cannot get it somehow, they didn’t need an invite!? I’ve never tried unix but as windows is so good I wouldn’t want to switch over.

  72. Everybody says Windows is easier for newbies. Maybe it is true, but there may be a lot of aculturation… people are already used to it. Even who doesn’t use computers is familiar with the WIMP interface from other gadgets. And there’s also the fact that UNIX was developed by programmers, for programmers. Windows was developed for newbies, but it it makes it hard to people who already are comfortable with computers to interact more freely with it. And there’s the philosophy of “launch now, patch later”, so we can’t say windows is THAT good. Anyway its just one more opinion…nothing of this cares, as long as consumers buy it, afterall.


  74. Microsoft has better support, it’s easier to use, and (if you use the Vista beta like me) the UI is so much better! Microsoft could kick Unix+Linux’s but all day! THere are simply too many reasons! A better question would be: How is unix better? The answer? it isn’t!! Windows is plain and simple. It can be used without a manual!! That means home users prefer it over unix! would like a Windows Live Mail invite! Thanx!

  75. unix is excelent.. but windows. is more easy.. or for common mortals!..
    i have one pc. with linux.. and other with Xp.

  76. my answer: Because, unix is free and windows is not ;),

  77. i wanna invitation to window live mail beta
    and 10x.

  78. dvd_992(at)hotmail(dot)com

  79. i wanna invite because i just like windows beta better then anything else out there its just quick and efficient

  80. Windows is far better compared to unix. It is compatable with far more software and hardware, and is easier to diagnose, fix security issues, and recive help and support. XP SP2 allows far more security patches etc than any system running a unix-equivilent.


    please send me wml beta 2 invite my post is above


  82. can anyone send me a windows live mail invite ?
    thanks ….. in advance !

  83. cuz windows is easier to use and have been using since i’ve used computer


    I prefer windows cuz it rox!

  85. I prefer Windows because it is popular for home usage. I personally don’t have much idea about Unix but as far as I know, Windows is supposed to be more user friendly.

    A Windows Live Messenger Invite would be very much appreciated:

  86. I am a software lover, I just want to have a try in windows live mail, can I get it?

  87. Windows has much winder support from software and hardware vendors, and users in general. It’s much easier for the less technically inclined to use and manage. Its also easier to develop for as many related documents are avaliable for referance and aid.

  88. windows is jst beta thn unix lol

  89. windows is awsum!unix isnt lol

  90. hi i am tigen to go on msn to see how is on lige

  91. umm well im 12 and i really want email beta !is there any chance that i could have an invite???????????????please if there is can you
    getback to me!oh yeh well um i like microsoft
    over unix because i have never used unix before!oh well i like microsoft because its organised and it has clipart!

  92. i love it . so east to use

  93. Windows is easier to use

  94. yea i was looking for a windows live mail that i can check my emails on thanxs if anyone gets this pllzzz reply thanx xx

  95. Since I used my T.I. 994/A, I have been using Windows. I have not intention of changing or re-learning any other Operting System. Please send me a wi-fi beta invite so I can use this technology as I am a massive wi-fi user. Thanks a bunch! Clay

  96. uhm..i don’t like windows better than unix, i just use it more cause my family is used to it more…
    but i don’t think you can’t use your WLM account over unix… ๐Ÿ˜€ correct me if i’m wrong but it’s all about the IM you are using.
    i’d like an invite. thank you in advance

  97. windos messenger is the most common messenger in the web so everyone knows my hotmail acoount. mails in my hotmail account is becames so much more numbers. and i heard that live mail is have 2gb capacity

  98. i think that if people come on this site they should be able to sign in

  99. hiuya plz does any1 no hw 2 unlock messenger?

  100. How do you unlock msn ?

  101. beckyness n danniness

    how dya unlock msn messenger plus??????

  102. please send me an invite

  103. i want windows live mail bet!
    plz reply tanx!

  104. please i want to you sent me because i lost my best friends she had cancer ok please i want to window live messender but good fun!!!!!!!!.my email address luv rebecca

  105. how do u unblock msn pluss !!!

  106. i have a mac, and i want a hotmail messenger which has video chat in it. most of the messengers which i found does not have video chat on it.

  107. if any one want to chat reply to me im joy

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