May, 2005 Archive

When you run OneNote 2003 on a Terminal Server client, the colors for menus and tabs are made of colored dots and crosshatches?

The subject appearance, often called pixilated, occurs if the client display is set for 256 colors (8-bit), because OneNote 2003 is optimized for a 16-bit color depth, or greater. NOTE: OneNote 2003 menus and tabs use gradients to shade one color into another, and gradients cannot be displayed at an 8-bit color depth. To workaround […]

Moving the Flag Status Column in Outlook 2003’s Mail Folder View

The new follow-up flags for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 messages appear on the right side of a mail folder view, instead of on the left side with the other icons, such as the icon for attachments. Is there a way to move the Flag Status column to the left side of the mail folder view? […]

How can I configure the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Windows Firewall from a command line?

Windows 2003 SP1 improves the Netsh command to let you specify the “firewall” argument to access the firewall configuration. Netsh lets you * configure the default state of Windows Firewall (Off, On, On with no exceptions) * configure which exceptions should be enabled, including the scope of each exception and whether exceptions are enabled on […]

How can I use group policy to prevent the screen saver from activating while I am watching a video?

To prevent this behavior, disable the Allow Screen Saver group policy at User Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Media Player / Playback. The Allow Screen Saver explain text contains: Enables a screen saver to interrupt playback. This policy displays a screen saver during playback of digital media according to the options […]