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How can I use Telnet to download an element of a Web page?

I recently wanted to download a file from a Web site without using a browser, just in raw text format. I used the Telnet command to perform the operations normally performed as part of the HTTP download process, which are essentially a series of GET commands. To initiate the connection, telnet to port 80 (instead […]

How do you upload Files to a Sharepoint Document Library in bulk?

In large organisations large amount of documents have to be uploaded into document libraries. This can be a time consuming task especially if the hierarchy has to be maintained in folders in the document library as well. A quick fix is to map a drive to your sharepoint site from Windows Explorer. Simply choose Tools, […]

How can I use Microsoft FrontPage to back up or restore a Microsoft SharePoint site?

FrontPage lets you create archives of SharePoint sites for backup and restore purposes. To do so, perform the following steps: 1. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to open the SharePoint site. 2. From the File menu, select “Edit with Microsoft Office FrontPage.” 3. In FrontPage, select Tools, Server, Backup. 4. Check the “Include subsites in […]

How can I make links in Microsoft SharePoint technologies open in a new browser window?

By default, SharePoint links open in the existing browser window. You can find several solutions for this behavior on the Web, but I found the following solution to be the easiest: 1. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to open the SharePoint page containing the links? 2. From the File menu, select “Edit with Microsoft Office […]

Why do 10 million people play World Of Warcraft ?

A friend of mine recently sent me this email and I believe it answers the title of this post perfectly:

I guess it’s a combination of things. Work was taking up more of my time and WOW felt like a second job when just one job was already enough for me. But ultimately it came down to this. If I put in 10 hours pumping out presentations for my boss, reading about mutual funds online, etc. I came out the better for it. However, if I spent the same 10 hours playing, maybe I’d get a level up out of it but when I log off the game, what do I have to show for the last 10 hours of my life. Not much.