Propagate Public Folder Permissions On Exchange 2003

You can use Exchange System Manager to propagate permissions for public folders using the following steps:

  • Exchange System Manager
  • Goto the public folder you want to adjust permissions on
  • Properties
  • Permissions
  • Hold Ctrl while clicking Client Permissions

You should now be able to set permissions to public folders and propagate to child objects

4 Responses to Propagate Public Folder Permissions On Exchange 2003

  1. Excellent tip. This will save me lots of time, super impressed

  2. There is much easier way!

    I like using security explorer for exchange that is a part of scriptlogic’s exchange management soluton.

    The tool provides the most intutive way I ever seen for managing exchange security permissions inlcluding public folders permissions like calendar, contacts and inbox.

  3. Основная задача Яндекса — давать ответы на вопросы пользователей!

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