Free Gmail Account give away …

Please leave a comment and explain why you deserve a 1Gb Gmail account.

Make sure you leave your email address.

Good Luck.

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  1. Please can I have a GMail account for my friend. Would very much appreciate it.

  2. Hello,

    Is it still possible to get one of these accounts. I am a huge proponent of Google, even use it in comparisons at work, so it would be nice to get one of these accounts.


  3. G-mail offers a limitless (at least for a long time) capability to store thousands of e-mail messages and the ability to retrieve them anywhere you can connect to the Internet. This capability would be extremely useful to me, and I would appreciate the chance to try out Google’s new service!

  4. I am a MRI technologist. Every day I am at the front line of technology doing my best to save the health of my patients. I am one of those people who needs to be on the frontier. Google represents that frontier to me. They are at the cutting edge of search, business, and now email technology. I would like to be there with them. I would love a Gmail account.

  5. I will give out 2 accounts on monday.

  6. I will use the Gmail account to promote world peace and stop world hunger by sending junk mail coupons to masses of people written in multiple languages, that way people will be able to appreciate other culture differences as well as buy food at reduced prices and share the leftovers with those not as fortunate as them.


  7. Can I have one Pleasssssseeee

  8. Ali-Butt-
    I found your post on pdastreet. I would like one because I have a BB 6230 and cannot forward my hotmail to my BWC for my Phone. I am hearing impaired and use it mainly for email and Text Messaging. I would like to be able to forward gmail to my phone. Other postings on pdastreet shows you can. I would appreciate an invite very much. Please and Thank you!

  9. Please can I have a gmail account. I seriously need it.

  10. Not sure if I am too late but I am kind to animals and didnt vote for Bush!

  11. i work in helpdesk and have to save many utils offline from company servers to ease admin job. Would appreciate it and bless you for it.


  12. i want one because hotmail is 250 gb and gmail is 1000gb

  13. Can i Please have a gmail invite. I have a 8 months baby and need to save and send pictures to so many relatives. pls can i have an invite. thank you. aly

  14. For Aly, perhaps she can use the blog service as I don’t see
    any problems with lots of nice baby pictures on the internet.

    If Aly is allowed to install on the computer she uses, then programs like ‘file splitter’ programs are a good idea to send as attachments (but time consuming!) :

    Can just type this into google and lots of things come up (go
    to or for other free options if the
    above does not work).

    For everyone else who still needs a gmail account – what should happen is that a chain or a ring should be made to stop the
    admin from losing his/her invites – admin sends invites to a person, together with email address of someone else (or of
    admin to avoid privacy concern problems) so that someone else can get free invite, etc….



  16. hello, i would really appreciate a gmail account as i have had this address for years, and as you can see its not very efficient when i have to tell friends as they usualy forget it….,
    tankyou for your time


  17. hello,

    i’d like one because..i’m a freelancer..i do all my work from hotmail and the new beta hotmail has crashed and destroyed everything [still works intermittently – just for long enough to raise my hopes]…yaaaaaaaaaargh…and i can’t contact anyone right now..

    and i have a 4 year old daughter..and 6 white mountain minnows to support..and life is tough enough already..

    and my name and surname begin with g so it’s right for me

  18. Please could I request a Gmail account- please! please? please…

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