Windows XP access to Linux Samba Shares

To allow Windows XP to access samba shares on a linux samba server, the Windows XP user/password needs to have been enabled in samba with the same user/password. This is configured under the Password Tab in Samba Swat. First Add New User and enter the user/password. And then Enable User. If despite having the same user/password pair and Windows XP fails to authenticate automatically with the samba server share, then check in Windows XP if it is providing the correct user/password for authentication. If the Windows XP user account was modified since creation, Windows XP might be using the original user name instead of the displayed user name , resulting in a failure to authenticate. The user name at the logon screen in Windows XP probably does not match the user name that is used to authenticate to the samba share. Unfortunately, in Windows XP, the only way to fix this is to create another user and migrate all the files of the current user to the new account.

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