Outlook Shortcut Keys

Send and receive mail (Control + M)
Open or post a new message (Control + N)
Forward a message (Control + F)
Reply to a message (Control + R)
Print the selected message (Control + P)
Delete a mail message (Delete or Control + D)
Reply to all (Control + Shift + R)
Open the Inbox (Control + I)
Open the Outbox (Control + O)
Open the Address Book (Control + Shift + B)
Go to next unread mail message (Control + U)
Go to folder (Control + Y)
Open the selected message (Control + O or Enter)
Mark a message as read (Control + Enter or Control + Q)
Move between the Folders list and message list (Tab)
Find text (F3)
Find a message (Control + Shift + F)
Switch among Edit, Source, and Preview tabs (Control + Tab)
Check names (Control + K or Alt + K)
Check spelling (F7)
Insert signature (Control + Shift + S)
Send (post) a message (Control + Enter or Alt + S)

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