Oct 10, 2006 - General, Sharepoint    1 Comment

How do you upload Files to a Sharepoint Document Library in bulk?

In large organisations large amount of documents have to be uploaded into document libraries. This can be a time consuming task especially if the hierarchy has to be maintained in folders in the document library as well.

A quick fix is to map a drive to your sharepoint site from Windows Explorer. Simply choose Tools, Map Network Drive; choose a letter; and in the Folder field, paste in the full http://….. address for your sharepoint site. Click the “reconnect at logon” option and you’ll always have a drive mapped to sharepoint!

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1 Comment

  • Hi Ali

    Would you please help me in :

    1 . where can I find my Document Library Uploaded Files in server.(for example : serverc:folder..)

    2. can I set the location for my uploading files? (I have many shared folders in server and set the access type to them in Active directory , and I need to use that for my sharepoint documents also.)

    3. any where , is there any way to set the location for uploaded files in server ?

    thanks a lot

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