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Import / Export IP Settings Using Netsh

To quickly export your IP (inc dns / wins) settings to a text file, use the following command: netsh -c interface dump > c:\work-net.txt When you connect to another LAN netsh -c interface dump > c:\home.txt Once you have everything in a text file, you can use this command to import the settings depending on […]

How can I send an email message from within a VBScript script?

If you have Microsoft IIS with SMTP installed on a server, you can use the following code to send a basic email message from within a script: Set objMessage = CreateObject(“CDO.Message”) objMessage.Subject = “Subject” objMessage.Sender = “” objMessage.To = “” objMessage.TextBody = “test mail” objMessage.Send

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How do I determine which process has TCP ports or UDP ports open?

To display which process ID is using a certain TCP port or UDP port, you can start by using the Netstat command with the n (display in numeric form), o (display the owning process ID–this works on Windows XP only), and a (display all connections and listening ports) switches as follows: netstat -noa

Is it possible to dial an ISP using the command line?

Yes, use RASPHONE -d or RASDIAL To disconnect you can type RASPHONE -h or RASDIAL /disconnect.

How can I enable a connection to a machine over RDP and through a firewall?

RDP operates over TCP port 3389. Therefore, to enable connectivity to any machine on the network through a firewall you must open this port. Alternatively, if you have to connect to a particular system on a LAN, configure port forwarding on the firewall to send traffic from port 3389 to the specific computer to which […]

What’s the Account Lockout Status tool?

The Account Lockout Status tool (lockoutstatus.exe) displays lockout information for a specified user by querying every contactable domain controller (DC) in the user’s domain. You can download the Account Lockout Status tool at Link You can also check a user’s lockout information at the command line. To do so, enter the command lockoutstatus where […]

How do I balance the load between two NICs on the same wire?

You will need to add two Value entries of type REG_DWORD at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesNetBTParameters RandomAdapter should be set to 1 and SingleResponse should be set to 1. Setting either value to 0 disables this feature.

Enable SNMP Cisco 837

Login to your router. Configure terminal snmp-server community public RO exit copy run start exit

Windows XP access to Linux Samba Shares

To allow Windows XP to access samba shares on a linux samba server, the Windows XP user/password needs to have been enabled in samba with the same user/password. This is configured under the Password Tab in Samba Swat. First Add New User and enter the user/password. And then Enable User. If despite having the same […]