How can I add a printer driver to my cluster-based print spooler for Windows 2000 Server members?

To add printer drivers to the nodes in a cluster, you must use the Add Printer Driver Wizard. Installing the drivers on all the cluster nodes is important because by default in a Win2K Server cluster the drivers are installed only to the printer$ share of the server on which the printer was installed. You must run the Add Printer Driver Wizard on all other physical boxes in the cluster, by executing the command

rundll32 printui.dll, PrintUIEntry /id
Then, to add a printer driver via the wizard, follow these steps:

1. At the wizard introduction screen, click Next.
2. Select the driver from the list or click Have Disk, then click Next.
3. Next, at the screen that the Figure shows, select which OS and processor support is needed for the driver. Select the required options, then click Next.
4. Click Finish.
The drivers will be installed.

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