NEC 525 Memory Editor

It will allow you to:
Upload download pics and mid/mmf
Manage your phone book
Manage groups
Manage your to do list
Manage your schedule/reminders
Back-up you phone settings

Direct Download

9 Responses to NEC 525 Memory Editor

  1. I cannot get the nec 525 memory editor to work it goes away after searching for the port, what am I not doing. thank you

  2. I now get a message ~unknown HHT port~ any clues please

  3. hi when i try to connect to the memory editor it says unknown hhtp type or something somebody please help

  4. A newer version can be found at

    Having said that, I still can’t get Mem Ed to connect to phone.
    It did for a short time under win98se untill I installed a usb mem stick driver. I have now upgraded machine and OS to xp pro and still no joy. Mem Ed tries to assign a COM port but then fails to find the phone on the port.

  5. Hey Nigel,

    try using the updated drivers in the usb directory of the mem editor. Like you, I was getting no where. But once the new drivers and the telefonia drivers editor was installed, everything worked. Make sure also that you are using the corect port. Control panel on windows, then modems/phone.

    Good luck


    I tried other versions, but the PIM works perfect for me! Phone shuts off though but everything else works great!

    thanks again

  7. hey, i just recieved an NEC 338 for my birthday which i was very pleased about but unfortunatly its locked onto the 3 network and i personally would like it too be unlocked to all networks or atleast o2 and orange…. please if any1 could help me on this t would be most appreciated. thank you

  8. YOO!!
    THX!!! THX THX…!!! CLEVER:]

  9. Hi all i have anec n710 but the problem is the firware is chinese and some menu options are locked can anyone pls tell me where to get the firmware to convert it to full english. Pls email me

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