Differences between Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger ?

When you install MSN Messenger 6.1 on your system you will find that it does not remove/update Windows Messenger on your system. This is because MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger are not the same thing; Windows Messenger is the corporate client allowing connection to instant messenger servers on your local network such as Microsoft Exchange IM Server or Microsoft Live Communcation Server (SIP). MSN Messenger is more of the home client allowing you to send messages to mobile devices and have real time alerts to new email if you are using a hotmail account, Since MSN 6.0 it has also included a much more ‘fun’ user interface and features to match.

If you require a messenger version capable of connecting to a Microsoft Exchange IM or SIP servers do not uninstall your existing version of messenger from your system, MSN Messenger is not capable of connecting to these types of servers, if you required these features install Windows Messenger 5.0 (not distributed through Windows Update).

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  1. There is an update to make Windows Messanger act like MSN Messanger e.g. Notify on new e-mail… Look it up at the downloads section as

    “MSN add in for Windows Messanger”

  2. how can i delete windows live mail
    if you know how email me the
    way to do it
    thankz alot
    it’s vcery much appreciated
    nikki d

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