How Can I unlock A 3g Handset Like NEC e313 & e616

This is only a temporary unlock method. This means that you will have to re-enter in the code if you switch your phone off. Also as this method tricks the phone in thinking you are making an emergency call, features like text messaging and contacts are not available.

To unlock your NEC e313 and NEC e616:

Power up phone with a 2g sim card, then type
*4960*12345678*12345678# (ignore USIM Lock On message)
Switch off phone and replace sim
Says Insert USIM, press emergency button
Don’t enter anything but wait for it to ask for unlock code
Enter 12345678
Says USIM Lock Off

Enter 112 on handset and press dial
Say yes to swap network
As soon as it changes network HANGUP (do not let it continue dialling)
The 3G will change to 2.5 (o2) or 2 (vf)
Within about 15secs you should get your sim provider logo
You can now dial out/recieve calls – but cant do text, wap or access your contacts list.

Leave a comment and let me know how you get on. Cant believe people are selling the above method on ebay for >£15 🙁

180 Responses to How Can I unlock A 3g Handset Like NEC e313 & e616

  1. Yes.
    it works, so you can send/receive calls, but you cant sms or use contacts

  2. Hi Ali
    I have also done this but I need to active the sms and the contacts otherwise this phone is a mess. Can you help me in this regard? Or if you get any solution then plz inform me too. Thanks buddy If I get any thing new I will tell you. Take Care Allah Hafiz

  3. please, i can’t send sms from my nec e313 with gsm sim. is there an unlock code? thx!

  4. Hi Ali can you help me activate the wap on my NEC e313 please. Thanx

  5. Hi ali, I know its not a comment but i acually have a sllight problem
    my nec e616 cant use the software provided with it on pc whats the best solution that i should do ?

  6. Hi Thanks a banch for you advice your sure are a guineus, I did try to open the Nec E616 and it did but only on o2 i would love to open it to all networks please advise on the following procedure. You dont know how happy man am gonna be if this worls out
    Thanx so very much once again what would the world of broke guys like me do without guys like you, your a star


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  8. Hi Ali, I want to use this set (3g nec e313) in Pakistan with a Pakistani sim card like Mobilink & ufone. But I don’t know wht is 3g & 2g plz solve my problem how can i use this set in Pakistan.

  9. hey thanks for the procedure. might you know the network unlock code for 3 network and the sp unlock code? this information will be highly appreciated because i think it will enable messaging and contacts

  10. can you get back to 3g network settings after you have unlocked for other networks?


  12. Hi Ali
    I want to use 3G NEC e313 in India. i able to make only emergency call. Rest of all menus are not working. press any button message is “unableto performthe opration. please close an application then try again. plz help me out

  13. ur a genious, but i want to use my nec e313 in zimbabwe. how do i access my contacts and use the txt function

  14. Hi Ali,
    I want to use 3G NEC e313 in India. i able to make only emergency call. Rest of all menus are not working. press any button message is “unableto performthe opration. please close an application then try again. plz help me out Ramakrishna

  15. how to convert my NOKIA 3585 from cdma to gsm, could you help me in this regard.

  16. Hi Ali, I want to use this set (3g nec e313) in India with a Indian sim card like Airtel, Tata & Hutch. But I don’t know wht is 3g & 2g plz solve my problem how can i use this set in India

  17. I want to use this set (3g nec e616)in India with a Indian sim card like Airtel, Tata & Hutch. But I don’t know what is 3g & 2g plz solve my problem how can i use this set in India .

  18. i’m using the 3g nec e313 in malaysia but i cant send message from this phone. everytime i wanted to send any message it displays this error message , ‘unable to perform operation’. can anybody plzzzzz help me..

  19. hello ALI,
    my problem is as follows, i’m in egypt we work as 2.5 G, when i got the phone it has an error USIM msg, i can’t unlock it, pls tell me specifically how to unlock it.
    thanks 🙂

  20. mans got a tight undergound alliance give promo safe

  21. i’ve got lg8110 i tryed ur code but i tryed the wrong one to unlock my phone to o2 now i cant make calls

  22. i’ve unloked my e313 but i cannot use my contacts or sms how do i get to use them again?

  23. I want to use this set (3g nec e313)in India with a Indian sim card like Airtel, Tata & Hutch. But I don’t know what is 3g & 2g plz solve my problem how can i use this set in India
    many times i requested you, please help in this regard
    i got this phone from australia 6months ago, but still now i am not able to use
    reply as early as possible
    i will be very thankfull to you ALI

  24. Hi,ALI.I have 3G NECe616v,but it does not work in Azerbaijan.Can you help me,please. thank you.

  25. hi Ali bhai,
    i have NEC e616v set but there is a problem it is not working properly & have an option insert a correct usim can i unlock it.secondly i dont have its driver & a memory card how can i get its driver.

  26. what is a 3g sim? which network in india is providing the 3g service? which network in india suits my nec e313? please help me out

  27. the above does work but the enter correct usim is still available on my screen that is i can only take calls but cant even dial out. whats the problem. mail me please

  28. Dear Ali, u said:
    1)Power up phone with a 2g sim card, then type
    *4960*12345678*12345678# (ignore USIM Lock On message)
    2)Switch off phone and replace sim

    so in the second step i should replace the 2g sim card by which sim card?!!! Thanks in advance for your help.

  29. I have a nec e228 mobile. i am using it in pakistan on Ufone network. it works fine but i cant use mms and needed. thanks

  30. I pop up once again infront of u. i needed to tell that my nec e228 works fine like sms and contacts but i cant configure it to mms and wap. thats my problem.

  31. hi,i have nec mobile e616v i need solution abou tplease insert corrent usim card. ,
    what i do ? my imi number is 353183001237566

  32. Hi , I am from INDIA and I have a NEC e616v ,it works perfectly ..the only problem is that i cant access gprs on it..I have a hutch sim .The customercare ppl say that if u can change your networkmode to 2g u will be able to access the gprs but when i try this i get an error tht ‘your usim doesnot support this function or no USIM inserted ‘..please can u help me to change the network mode to 2g…thank you …

  33. hi..i purchased my e616v phone not long ago and i activated the handset code as one of my choice. it was 1989 but now my phone doesnt accept it and the handset code is blocked . is there a way u can help my unblock it? thanx

  34. Could somebody help me to unlock NEC e 616 so I can use it abroad?
    I have tried a few things nothing seems to work.
    Please help.

  35. dear Ali how can i make gprs settings on my e228 warid or on telenor or ufone plz reply me soon

  36. Hi there, I have got NEC e616 , and when I put the sim card it says INSERT CORRECT USIM,EMEREGNCY CALLS ONLY,what can I do please help me.
    can you please email me the answer as well.

  37. Salam o Lekom
    I am sajid from sahiwal I Have a set Nec E616 and i use ufone
    sim card but i can not set my gprs settings please tell
    me how can i set my gprs setting please repply me at this address thainkyou ALLAH HAFIZ.

  38. Hi,

    I have a Samsung SGH-Z140v and it is currently locked with vodafone but I want to use my 3 simcard in it. They have tried giving me unlocking codes but they never worked. Is it possible to use a 3 simcard in this phone?


  39. hey there

    i hve this e313 Nec i cannt make calls when i press 112 doesnt happend 112 calls goes in call centre in pakistan. please help me abt this matter, also its say unable to perform operation please close the application than try again any this i use for setting i cannt do it is this sim blocked or phone code is on please let me know thanks

  40. NEC E616 mobile.
    iam not able to make out calls.because of an message insert correct usimcard.
    i did all but it is not unlocking and my sim phone numbers ,messages are not working.plz help me to find a way.of this problem.

  41. hey i have brought a samsung z140v on vodafone and would like to use it with my o2 sim card and need the unlock code for it ive a tried a few things but they havnt work and had to take to get fixed andyone can help please

  42. hi friend…..

    i’m from romania……. this is kind of embarissing for me . but….

    i have a nec e313 but i don’t have an usb cable…….
    here in romania nobody can help me…..
    can u help me? i don’t know how…. but i guess u’ll have a solution 4 me . i’ll pay for it !!!!!!!!! for the cable.. just tell me how ….. please !!!

    i haven.t found anyone here to sell me a cable………

    best regards…

    pls reply me on my email

  43. Hello, I have a nec e616v phone but I cannot use the wap and gprs facility because i dont use the 3 network, how do i unlock this this phone for access to wap services of other networks in Nigeria like MTN GLO and Vmobile.

  44. i’ve locked my cell phone with security code my fone is : NEC e 606 n i dont know the security code plz some one help me in solving the prob.

  45. i have nec e228 and iam facing one problem any one can solve it my cell phone only detects old sim cards but i want to detect new one of telenor ………..please solve my problem………………….thanks


    dear sir,
    i need an handset code for nec e616v,because someone
    change my phone code.i need the general trying to
    activate my gprs and mms.

  47. how could i change my mobile language from chinese to english ?


  49. this method doesnt work sorry ive tryed it lots of times. your instructions aint clear. dont no what sim card to do the code in 2g or 3g can u please help me realy want to try it please email me on

    Thanks craig

  50. Urgent, Reply with quote. My Sim card is blocked.. It is asking for PUK code .. PLz help.. My Phone model is Nolia 6610. Hutch subscriber.. Back to top …

  51. Urgent, Reply with quote. hi ali My Sim card is blocked.. It is asking for PUK code .. PLz help.. My Phone model is Nolia panasonic. Hutch subscriber.. Back to top …

  52. does NEC e228 suport GPRS in telenor connection ?

    plzz yaar ali , teri bohut meherbaani ho gi ,

  53. please can any1 help with this problemmy nec e616 has got on dial lock how can i fix this problem. sharon

  54. Please can you tell me if it is possible to do video calls on a Nec e616v unlocked?

    I unlocked my cellphone in Italy from 3g, now i moved to another country but i’m not able to do vidoecalls, infact i can only use my nec as a nornal gsm (band 2 & 2.5) and so im not able to do videocalls using other phone operators (like vodaphone,base etc…can only make normal calls)

    Tks for your help,

  55. How can I unlock nokia 6230i

  56. please ALI help me activate my nec e313 wap network security code my pnone says it is permanently put off

  57. please help me activate my nec e313 browser


  59. i m having nec 616.but my ufone (pakistan)
    sim doesnot respond on it.

  60. Yeah im a bit thick i dont understand ANYOF the above method…

    Hep please =]

    For a simpleton

    Thanks xx

  61. I’m fromn rusha and i have too Nec E 313 but i dont know vhat you right

  62. how do I unlock NEC Model CE168X productModel DB4000
    Thank you a million would like permanent fix

  63. okuyesokari otokini

    Dear Ali i’m in Nigerai and i don’t know how to activatemy GPRS please Ali give me the code and other5 procideo to follow in which ican use to activate it .

  64. hello ali I’ve got nec e616v,the problem that I am facing is that I don’t know how to download java games in it(procedure),the other problem that I am facing is that I don’t know how to activate my bluetooth.

  65. how do you unlock the mobile e228

  66. ali bhai
    i have nec 616 and i am not able to get my gprs and mms settings can u help u to get settings i want menualy settings of gprs can u give me settings or procedure i have telenor and warid telecom service both i m waiting for ur reply i am not able to understand functions of this set

  67. dear ali
    plz i need wap setting for nec e228 for jazz mobilink . plz as soon as posibal send me by mail thanx in advance

  68. Ali bhai me gharib lerka hun 🙂 want to knw free gprs tricks of ny of the following networks given below

    Batadain ge to Thanx Nahi batayenge to bhi Thanx

  69. hi,mr.ali,i have a postpaid hutch connection,could u please tell me any trick about how can i acess planet hutch (gprs)for free.main bahut pareshaan hu,please bata dena.

  70. Raat ko chudai laganey ka boht mood hota hai aur koi bachi bhee nahin hai .. kia kia jaye?

  71. ali bhai tell me too how i use free grs on warid or jazz plz tell me….thx

  72. hi,my name is umer,from islamabad,ali brother plz tell me how I can use free gprs on warid.lot of people’s do that but they not tell me.plz help,mail me the process

  73. Salam Ali Brothers app bohut acha kam ker rahe ho
    mera sawal yeh tha keh warid yar jazz per free gprs browsing ho sakta hai ager hai to plz mail me

  74. Salam!
    my name is ali i am from karachi
    kia aap mujhay bata saktay hay k mai kis tarah apni telenor pk ki sim per GPRS free chalao?
    if u have any idea then tell me please

  75. plz tell me k telenor ki sim ya warid ki sim par browsing hoskati hay free

  76. mujhay warid ki tricks pata hay gprs free chalanay ki but telenor ki nahi pata plz tell me ali bhai on my email address

  77. Dear Brother ALI, hope you’ll be fine & may Allah bless you. You are kindly requested to inform me how to use free gprs on warid i’ll be very very very thankful to you if you do so.
    Take care. Please email me about this.

  78. i have heard from my friend that by changing ufone service center number anyone can send free sms from ufone if it is so plz send me the process i will be very thankful to you

  79. Dear friends,

    I spend a lot of time to find a easier way to unlock my old but lovely Nec DB4000. Would you help me to unlock it? (Turkey)

  80. hi there !!!!

    would anybody help me unlocking my nec e313 phone ?

    sw acpu:e21.63.11b

    sp lock off
    corporate lock off

    imei: 352798/00
    sv 15

    i hope someone will help me after 3 years of hard tryin !!! i’ve got my e313 since 2004

  81. i want you to unblock bebo for the stonehenge school thanks james

  82. hi ali nice to meet u u said that u know how to conect net free on warid so plz tel me the procedure my id and plzzz add me too in ur id n mail me the procedure ok bye n i ll wait for u

  83. I wanna know free GPRS trick in pakistan

  84. how can i unlok a nec338 phone to t-mobile. HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  85. hello,

    ali, i found it difficult for me to change the
    phone code of my e313 NEC mobile please i need
    your help mail me back.

  86. hi ali r u kw abt free gprs

  87. i have use warid free gprs bt after 2 months they close it.r u know abt the tric plz infrom me

  88. pls hw do iunluck my 3key service on nec e616

  89. HI ALi BHai,
    yaar my friend was using WARID free gprs for months..
    But now i m not in cotact with him. can u plzplz plz tell me the free warid gprs trick.. PLEASE

  90. plz ali tele me how to send free msg from warid and telenor and balance as well

  91. hey ali .. yar mera problem ye hai k meray pass NEC e228 hai .. ausper koi sim nahin chalri sirf telenor chalri hai wo bi kabi chalri hai kabi gaib hojatay hain signals pehlay sahi chalri theein sari sims pata nahin kia howa? when signals drops hojatay hain saray tu 112 per call kerta hoon tu likha ata hai unable to establish call in GPRS/2G mode Swtich to 3g mode for attempt. sednd kerta hoon tu unable to conect ata hai .. yar koi code hai tu plz help me email me if u hav any sujestion

  92. qasim from khi

    ali bhai plz bro help me. I want telenor free gprs trick or proxy. Plz bro give me . I pray 4 u . Thanks

  93. Hi Dear,

    I have a nec e228 mobile. i am using it in pakistan on djuice network. it works fine but i cant use mms and wap. how can i used this. plz guide me.


  94. Hey Sup Ali..
    My handset code wz On..nd my lil bro put wrong code 3 times nd now my cell iz blocked …
    can u plzz tell me how to unlock my e228??
    ill b very gr8full.. 🙂

  95. plzz mughey ufone se free sms karney ka tareeka bataden. i will be very thankful to u for this. main ne pehle wala number try kiya woh ab kaam nahin karta woh number yeh tha +92300000042.
    plzz i am waiting.


  97. hi ali bro….yar mujhey ufone aur warid ka free gprs use krney ka trick mil sakta hai….???? aur haan sms ka bhi….??? thnxx in advance

  98. plz tell me the nec e288 handset
    for internet

  99. let me know the settings of MMS on old nokia 6610

  100. hi ali
    can u send me how to activate gprs on my nec e313 it has a hutch connection and i am able to send sms with it. but cant manually enter gprs settings
    kindly help

  101. i have a phone nec e616v and i cant send mms on it while on other phones eble to do so. the line i am using is mtnnigeria. please can i know how to enable mtn gprs and mms as well as configuration settings.

  102. hello man plz tell me the unlock code for LG U890 and is it work in pakistan?.i will wait for ur id is reply on it as soon as possiable.

  103. hi
    Ali i have got a nec e228 since one month but after unlock it,almost all the language menu disappear,only anglish and french stay.and also i need to turn on 2G mode the phone to acces wap and mms.but when i use phone setting,it cant.please could yo u help me solve thes problen.Think

  104. 03216196503 or 03325423079 and 03338631995 per free gprs activat karwadain plz

  105. My dear ali how are you i think you will be fine so ALI my request is that
    please send me the mathode of any connection to free my gprs

  106. Hi
    My Brother bought LG Mobile U300 in UK which is a 3K Sim Mobile
    But in India while we insert any kind of Sim Card it is Not working and asks for ‘Insert Usim’. Kindly suggest a method to correct it.

  107. hi ali bhai,…i will bhai i will be v.thankful to u if u send me the method for free activation ov gprs on ufone….

  108. dosto mere pass NEC e616v handset hai.
    mere pass jazz sim hai.
    os per free gprs ctivation ka tariqa btaye.

  109. Dear Ali,

    Happy Salah to you and your family,

    Please kindly help me to find a way to unlock my LG U890.I got it as a gift from a friend in the UK but once i insert the sim i use in my country it keep saying insert USIM CARD.

    What do i do as am getting furstrated by the silly message.

    I am from Nigeria.

    I need you to help me to solve this problem fast.

    Thanking you in advance.


  110. Thank you,

  111. yar koe mughay koe free gprs key setting bata a iss number pay 0233200743

  112. Please tell me how to configure nec e616 gprs on warid.

    What should be the APN?
    How to set the “GPRS” menu? (which has gprs attach etc)

  113. Aqeel bashir butt

    Salamz Ali butt sahab.yar plz mughy JAZZ ka free JPRS ki trick bta dain.plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  114. Aqeel bashir butt

    SALAM Ali bahi .plz mughy JAZZ ka FREE GPRS ki trick bta dain.
    my JAZZ number is 0306-4777579, but plzz inform me on 0332-4556460…i shall very thankfull to tou

  115. can u plz tell me how to use free net on telenor

    1 more question can i get NCK code for my Vodafone 716

  116. Ali bhai can u tel me how 2 use free gprs on my samsung x700

  117. hey ALI bro i request u to tell me if there is any way to use FREE GPRS in any network in Pakistan..
    am waiting for your reply 😉
    Thanx In advance 😛

  118. Hi Ali
    I wanted to say I have ufone sim and samsung Z720v can u plz send me the Gprs settings for my mobile

  119. Hai,
    How can I connect my nec e288 to the Internet GPRS here in zambia. I cant get connected because here there is no proper provivion for APN only, instead there is only GPRS. I would appreciated if you tell me how to configure my phone. thankx

  120. plz tell me how to unlock sms lock and contact of nec e313

  121. hi ali can u plz tell me how cani use free gprs on my ufonr prepay connection

  122. can i get NCK code for my Vodafone 716 imei: 359009011217864

  123. Hi Ali, Well can you please tell me how to unlock motorola blackberry 8310?

  124. Hi Ali, Well can you please tell me how to unlock motorola blackberry 8310?
    and please can you tell me the settings on how to use free gprs of ufone.

  125. Hi Ali! can you please tell me how to unlock NEC e616v form 3g network uk, IMEI 353182/00762609/5SV18,thanks.

  126. Dear plz tel me how can i use gprs freely on telenor.

  127. hullo
    how is life , in have aquestion
    how can i active gprs on my 3g nec e313
    i will be happy if
    i recieve my answer

  128. hola
    ali is there any where to use bluetooth on
    my nec 3g nec e313

  129. hola
    ali is there any where to use bluetooth on
    my nec 3g nec e313

  130. hi bro
    i just want to have free gprs trick of telenor.
    plz send me on my email id
    i hope dat u will help me
    thanks in advance

  131. hi ali mere pas motorola A1000 ha bhai jab b main us main telenor ki sim on kron ur us pe call aye to wo restart ho jata ha baki sab network ki sim theek chalti ha kuch problem nai ata plz ies ka koi hal batao plz

  132. what is the default handset code of nec e616 plss help me cos u have only 1 more attempt

  133. what is the default handset code of nec e616 plss help me cos i have only 1 more attempt

  134. thanks mate! really helped!

  135. ALI plz send me telenor free gprs trick my number is 03337411226 ok plz i am waiting

  136. how can i unlock a handset like vodafone 716

  137. hi ali can u plz tell me how cani use free gprs on my ufonr prepay connection

  138. hey ali bhai!
    i have Ufone sim,no# 0333 4671009
    can you tell me message center number on from which i can send free sms on any network in pakistan.
    plz send me message center number on my ID ………………plz plz plz

  139. Aqi n real name aqeel

    Hi YAR HOW R U ALL N ALI BHAI APKE BARE MEIN BOHOT SUNA HAI IS SITE PAR YAR MEIN ABI TAK JIS SITE SE MEINE FREE SMS CENTER NUm DEKh haI To WO UsE kaRTa huN tO KOi kaAM HI Nh karTA OR kUCH ki To saHi sAMAjh mEi hi NH AaTi bhai bAS AB apSE hi umMEeD HAi aAP HI kisi bi SIM kA FREE SMS CENTER NUM ya free GPRS use karne ka TAreeqa bATa dein zonG Ke iLAwa usK gprs use karne ka pata hai agar apko ye tareeqa cHAHIye tO lelena.ok.but plzz bhai MUJHE kisi or ka free sms center num ya gprs use karne ka treeqa bta dein or zong ka bi agar free sms center NUm paTA HAi tO BaTA DEin plz bhai..ya kisi or bhAI Ko pataHAI TO PLz contact contact num is 03323083881 n agar ye band mile to ispar check karna 03132192255 plzz bhai kuch bi bta dena but batana zaroor.ok i shall be very thankfull to u my friends.. Plzz batana zaroor mein apka intezar karunga..


  141. Salam aleyka Ali, plz i need centre number for free sms on mtn nigeria network, i’m 4rm Nigeria and my number +2348037024054, plzzzzzzz i’m expecting ur response, more mayonnaise to ur burger, bye.

  142. Muhammad Hussain

    Hello friend this solution allow u only rec and dial calls if any 1 need fully unlock your phone simple email me with subject nec 313 at

  143. Dear Ali,

    I have motorola A1000 and using jazz prepaid, everything is working fine except internet, I have internet settings the only problem is whenever I try to connect it tries to connect through 3 network which is not possible in Pakistan, because 3 is default network.Please help on the issue

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