How To Unlock NEC e525 locked to O2 from woolies

So you have bought yourself a cracking phone from woolworths for £79.99 – good job.
So you have bought yourself a cracking phone from ebay for > £79.99 – sorry:-(
and you want to unlock it to all networks.

1. Obtain the NEC usb drivers from HERE
2. Buy yourself a NEC usb cable
3. Get yourself the excellent Nectalk from HERE
4. Install drivers and plug the phone in. Your OS will go throught the new device installation.
5. Once all installed, go to the directory where you have unzipped Nectalk and type

nectalk -pt pte 10079 unlock

The software will connect to the phone and then reboot it.

Once rebooted your phone will be fully unlocked.

Please add a comment and let me know how you got on.

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  1. Thanks to Gustav Groening (creator of Nectalk)

  2. Hi Alibutt,
    if I unlock this phone can I use it in India also…or currently it works with Orange only ?? Can i buy the same from Ebay.Please reply me back ..sarathb

  3. Hi,
    Once unlocked it will accept ALL sim cards. So if your sim card supports roaming in India, then the phone will work fine.

    So as long as your sim card works fine in India, the phone will work fine.

  4. Hey,

    Can I just ask you where you got your USB cable from and how much it cost…?

  5. Where can i get a usb phone cable, any ideas. I live in the UK. PS, Hi rebecca!

  6. Hi Admin,
    Good Morning.Where to get this phone in London or England. Please let me know .Where to get the USB cable also. Please let me know the address.

  7. Hi guys.

    get your cable from here for £12.99 inc free delivery !!!

    let me know know you get on


  9. Sorry, the program uses a usb cable.
    No infra red i’m afraid.

  10. Is it possible to do any other functions with the USB cable apart from just unlocking the phone?
    Is it possible to transfer java/sounds/pictures to and from the phone with the cable?

  11. Hi,
    Yes you can transfer ringtones, wallpapers, contact details etc… Its well worth it. You cant argue with £12 !

  12. y cant nectalk find my phone in the com ports when i no itis there
    please help thainks

  13. Did you install the USB drivers before plugging the phone in ?
    If you have installed them correctly then NECTALK will use COM port 3/4/5/6 ….
    make sure you install the drivers first, then plug the phone in so windows can install the correct drivers for them.
    good luck

  14. cheers mate unlocked no problem

  15. Can someone give Manchester’s woolworth address so that I can go and purchase there

  16. I have a regular NEC 525. I tried unlocking it using this method but I receive the following message “PTE is incorrect. Response is 0” Can anybody help?

  17. i have downloaded the usb cable software and there is no installer how do i install it

  18. Hi jodykw1982
    are you in the UK ?
    If you are then you should be typing in
    nectalk -pt pte 10079 unlock
    that should work.
    If you are elsewhere, just try
    and see what happens

  19. Hi Chrissy,
    What you do is plug the cable in to the phone (make sure its on) and the plug the cable in to your PC. When the pc detects you have plugged in a new device, it will ask for the drivers. You then point to the unzipped files (usb drivers)
    good luck

  20. sorry to be a pain, i have installed the drivers for the usb cable and unzipped the nectalk thing but when i click on it it just searches through my ports then disappear any ideas on what to do

  21. If you installed everything OK then you DONT double click on nectalk.
    you extract it to a folder, lets c:nectalk. You then go to the command prompt (start – run – cmd) navigate to the extracted nectalk directory and type
    “nectalk -pt pte 10079 unlock”

  22. Hey.
    D/l the software, bought the cable from active mobiles (came in two days) and followed the instructions – unlocked no bother, thanks Ali, Stalewind & woolworths – i’ve got a happy girlfriend now!


  23. please help. Tried to install drivers but will not install no matter what i try. Have read all the above instructions.
    please help!

  24. hi again
    i have done what you said and when i try to navigate to it it says nectalk is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file, please help i really want to get this phone unlocked

  25. if you are still having issues email me (address available from main page)

  26. Worked a treat. Cheers

  27. Can the same method be used to unlock NEC e313 model too..
    Ali help me out

  28. I have created a new post with instructions for this.
    let me know how you lot get on.

  29. I am going to tru to unlock my NEC e525 using your instructions. Would you please let me how can I tell if the phone is unlocked and what are the advantages of a phone being unlocked?



  30. I have also purchased this phone from woolies but can’t seem to find the camera options menu to delete photos and wonder if you can help me please with this thankyou

  31. Hi Reg,
    Once the phone is unlocked you can use ANY sim card from ANY provider. So you can buy pay as you go cards from Vodafone/t-mobile/orange and use which ever is best for you.

  32. Hi Norma,
    Open the phone and press the menu button. Select option 6 (my data). Then select “Pictures”. you will then see a list of all your pictures. Simply press the menu button again and you will find the options you are looking for.
    let me know how you get on.

  33. Adeel Ahmed Butt

    HI Dear Mr Butt, I have NEC e313. Will this software work on this set?? are the instructions same for all the NEC sets???? Well Shukriya for uploading lovely software on Net. BYE

  34. I followed the instructions and everything worked as you said. How do I know that the phone is unlocked without buying a new SIM card and taking the risk that it may not work?

  35. how can u get the e525 to answer incoming calls by simply flipping it open. At the moment after flipping it open i still need to press the green button — it defeats the whole point of the flip

  36. Hi Ray,
    If you cant buy another sim card, you can try entering
    “*#7230# ” it should come back as “not executed”. This pretty much means its unlocked

  37. Hi Adeel Ahmed Butt
    Search my site for “e616” and it will give you temp unlock instructions that work on e616 and e313

  38. Hi bob,
    The way NEC have designed this is that the flip is only active for terminating calls, it will not answer calls for you.

  39. Hello Ali
    Please help, I just cannot install the drivers no matter what I do. Is there an easy way to do it, I’m afraid I’m pretty computer illiterate

  40. xp didn’t want me 2 install drivers as not signed but used gprs modem wizard then ok but phone not found on com 5 ps com 5 shown in control panel help please

  41. Cheers Ali
    I have unlocked it, and now running great on Orange. Couldnt unlock it on Win 98 SE but unlocked great on girlfriends XP Pro. Excellent job mate, now have got a great phone. One question in passing, how can i get to view my camera pictures on the PC. It downloads them to the PIE screen but when i click on the picture number i am not able to open it. Thanks again!

  42. Rob, i have not done that in a long time. I am sure you just save the picture to your desktop through the PIE software

  43. hi agian, Having bought the phone on 02 payg, is it possible to make it tri band or quad band cos at the moment the manual says it is dual band

  44. no, the phone you have bought is dualband:)

  45. on xp it worked but had to try many times left it for about 4 days tried it again worked straight away thanks

  46. Hi,ali and everybody.Downloaded everything,instoled drivers,but ,when trying open Nectalc,can see ,,detected auto com port 4(or5)” for about 3 sec.Then it desipears.Another thing- what it means(start-run-dmc)?Could You Help me ?”!

  47. hi
    do you kno where to get free java games from that fit the whole nec e525 screen

  48. Hi!Downloaded and instoled drivers,downloaded and unzipped nectalk.When opening command promt and typing “nectalk- pt pte 10079 unlock,getting answer,that “is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file”Please help me

  49. i have tried to unlock my phone so many times with nectalk its doing my head in all the drivers are installed fine it just wont find the phone and i cant navigate to nectalk through the command prompt please help me to unlock my phone before i go on holiday

  50. Nice one Ali, Thanks, unlocked ok. Can U help with a “mobile to pc file transfer” utility for the e525?
    Thanks again.

  51. can anyone give me the site address to download the usb cable software and any other help. I want to use the phone on T mobile from o2.
    I will bless you with all the good luck if it works.

  52. How can I change my net work over on my NEC e525 o2 to Orange

  53. Hi Ali I have got a usb cable now but i cant in stall the driver because there is no set up file can nebdy help me plz i need this fone unlocked i will be very grate full.

  54. All the software you need, ie usb drivers are on the links on my posts. There is no install file, you just point to that folder when WinXp asks for drivers

  55. lockedphonehater

    thanks for the crackin info (as in brill! not as in hackin)

    downloaded software, got the cable, rebuilt laptop (OS crashed so re-installed), plugged USB cable, switched phone on, plugged cable into phone, OS found new hardware, pointed to downloaded NEC USB drivers, OS setup phone, checked in modem settings to check it was there (on com4), ran command line as stated above and also stating com4 parameter, after a few seconds, phoned switched off, inserted another network sim card, switched it back on, said please wait and hoorah hoorah hoorah, sim accepted
    hope this helps
    will surprise the mrs later on, she been waiting ages to use it

    methinks nec525 could be based on a sharp GX phone as that’s what the cable box said
    also ordered the nec case which was better looking than those cheap black leather cases you get for other phones

  56. pls help me unlock NEC 525 mobile phone

  57. Yakub Jalalpuria

    Hi i have installed the driver for the phone but i am strugling to install i have a usb cable but when i try to use nec talk it goes to com 3 and the screen dissapears plz help. i kno the drivers are installed as it shows up as nec fone modem thanx plz help

  58. Hi. I’ve installed drivers. The phone appeared at port 4. When i try to run nectalk, I got a message: “Can’t find a phone. Specify the comport manually.”
    What should i do?
    Thank you.

  59. Hi. I’ve installed drivers. The phone appeared at port 4. When i try to run nectalk, I got a message: “Can’t find a phone. Specify the comport manually.”
    What should i do?
    Thank you.

  60. Hi,
    I have hope to unlock my E606 now but,
    does the nectalk work with E606 model?
    Anyone have tried it?
    And I haven’t got a USB cable, is there any pin-outs to make it please?
    Any reply will be very appreciated..

  61. HI i unlocked the fone fine quite easy if u think bout it. remember people who ever is struggling u dnt run the program u go to start run and u type the following in~~~c:necnectalk -pt pte 10079 unlock~~~~ rite also copy the unzipped folder 2 c: nowhere else and type that in i think it shoul work i had the same problem so i thort i sould let u lot kno

  62. first i tried to type the command in RUN line because it was not specified in the instructions. Then, I typed CMD in RUN. I found the nectalk in C:uninstallnectalk[1] , then I typed the command “nectalk -pt pte 10079 unlock”. However, it could not find the right PTE number. Then, I ran NECTALK without any strings, it gave me the PTE number, which is 0079.. then I changed the pte number to 0079 by removing 1. It worked just fine.. Thanx,,

  63. does anybody know how to use the memory editor please help thanx

  64. Hi, havent tried this yet as im yet to get a usb cable, but the thing is the NEC 525 has IMEA number starting from 010, if ever i get to unlock it can i used the phone 525 in the Philippines? the current provider locked on the phone is ATT wireless.

    thanks a lot .

  65. Hello SIr

    I used your method. unlocked as follows

    D:Muthukumarnectalk -pt pte 0079 unlock
    Using auto-detected COM5.


    Does this mean it is unlocked?. I will try to put some other SIM and see whether it works.

    will get back to you


  66. I’m having trouble unlocking my NEC 515. I have tried so many times, but can’t. Can you please help? I downloaded the driver and the nectalk. I extracted the nectalk to my hard drive d:/nectalk. I have tried many things but none of them work. Please help me. Can you walk me through it? Please? Thank you. OHHH FYI I get the same things like # 21, 24, 46, and 48. I tried the suggestions of # 62, 63, 66. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  67. i have a nec e313 locked by network and sp. what does this mean and can i unlock the network and sp? it is locked to 3 network of u.k.

  68. Hi Ali –

    I just purchased a NEC 515 phone and it shipped with your unlocker software; I’ve followed all of the instructions but I can never get past the statement “trying port 3” and “using autodetected Com 3” so I can never get the phone to reboot. I’ve tried typing the command: nectalk -pt pte 10079 unlock from the Run command line. This results in the statements listed above popping up then the application closes. Can you offer any insight or advice?



  69. how can i communicate you this company?

  70. hi ali,
    i tried the way u said but..when i attached mobile to usb port
    new hardware found but drivers r not installing my o.s is windows98
    can i do unlocking in o.s 98pls let me know i would be greatful to u..

  71. Hey Ali, i live in California, in the US, and it seems like you guys are all from europe… the info you give out is awesome, but i was just wondering if the same thing would work for me over here… i don’t know why it wouldn’t, but i just want to make sure before i go do anything stupid, thanks a lot for your time.

  72. i ordered the cables from the company you said but hasn’t still deleiverde. been 8 weeks now. and the phone numbers on the site is not working. now i have got phone not working also paid for the cable i never get. could you help me please. ilker from turkey

  73. Hi all. Was wondering how exactly can the phone accept pictures and ringtones via USB cable. What steps are needed? Best Regards from MI, USA.

  74. Perfect ! Worked on the very first try… got it unlocked from wreched controls of AT&T. !!! I was expecting to go through trial and error… but it was too easy ! Thanks 🙂

    OK. No i have the splash screen on bootup still showing AT&T. Any ideas how i can get rid of em.


    – MK

  75. Hello;

    Hey guys; my name is Bachri; I am writing you with regards of the nec 525 unlocking, my wife had asked me to do so to appreciate the time each one of you took to write her before. I have received my 525 today and immediately got busy to unlock it! My first attempt failed but I realized what I did wrong so I tried the second time fresh on my other compute and I succeeded as I tried a Cingular SIM and it worked. To summarize, assuming you have a good working cable; I got mine from AT&T store because I didn’t want to take chances with the junk cables on Ebay; assuming you have the CD that came with the phone and you have unlock software, you should be able to unlock your phone. The crucial part is to install the driver correctly! If you already screwed up the installation then I would recommend using another computer and start fresh since there will be remnant of the wrong installation in the old computer as it happen to me…I had to use another XP PC.

    Here are detailed instructions for the drivers installation on xp:

    Connecting the USB Cable and NEC Wireless Phone

    Before installing the USB drivers, connect the USB cable to your computer and NEC

    Wireless Phone:

    1. Find the location of the USB port on your computer, usually located at the back of the

    CPU (central processing unit) or case. Some computers have it located on the front.

    2. Insert the computer end of the USB cable into the computer’s USB port.

    3. Gently squeeze the release clips on each side of the USB plug and insert the plug into the

    adapter port of the NEC Wireless Phone.

    _ Be sure that the rectangular opening on the connector is lined up with the rectangular

    opening in the phone. The plug will slide easily into the phone. DO NOT FORCE


    4. Press the (On-Off) key to power-on the NEC Wireless Phone.

    Installing NEC USB Driver Software

    After connecting the USB cable to your computer, the wizard screen should display.

    _ If the wizard does not automatically display:

    _ Ensure the CD is still in the CD drive.

    _ (Depending on your Windows operating system) Select Start, Settings, Control

    Panel, and Add Hardware to display the Add New Hardware Wizard screen

    or Found New Hardware Wizard screen.

    _ Follow the instructions for your particular operating system.

    Windows XP

    To install the USB drivers to Windows XP when the first Found New Hardware Wizard

    screen displays:

    Click Next to continue. The Hardware Installation dialogue box displays.

    2. Click Continue Anyway to continue with the Found New Hardware Wizard screen.

    The USB drivers will begin to be downloaded. When downloading is complete, the last

    wizard screen displays.

    3. Click Finish and another Found New Hardware Wizard screen displays to install the

    next USB driver.

    4. Windows XP will display two (2) more sets of the Found New Hardware Wizard

    screens to install the remaining USB drivers. Follow the previous USB driver

    instructions for Windows XP for each set of the Found New Hardware Wizard screens.

    (Click on Next, Continue Anyway, and Finish.) Make sure you do that to succeed in the driver installation, this is where I missed up first!

    Now what to do next?

    First you want to check if the driver were installed correctly!?

    To make sure: with phone connected to USB,

    go to control panel, phone/modems, and under the modem tab, make sure you

    see the phone, it will be listed as “NEC Portable Phone USB Modem” and a comx port should be listed. If listed then you know the drivers installation went ok.

    Now the unlocking software part:

    Even though Ebay sellers claim to have different unlocking software, they all sell the same program under different name, the name of the one I used is NECTALK, I got it in a zipped format and it should be unzipped before you can run it; in case you don’t have it I am attaching the zipped file to this email, from here follow these steps:

    Nectalk is a DOS mode program, and as such won’t do much if you just run it.

    To unlock your phone (US models), unzip “nectalk” using the winzip utility( into C:nec, nec is a folder you should have created under C:

    Go to the nec folder now which is under C: and double click on “nectalk.exe” this allows the program to find the com port number x of your phone, in my case it was port com4. Of course in doing so your phone is still connected and is powered on.

    then click on start, run, and type the following:

    C:necnectalk -pt unlock

    And hit “enter” your phone will be powered off! Turn it back on and it will be unlocked, Check by entering: “*#7320#” – if nothing happens until you hit Call and then it says “Not executed” or if it says “Not locked” or “Not suppoted”, the phone is unlocked! If you get a list of paired numbers <123><456> for example, then the phone is still locked and you must have failed somewhere in the process. I wish you guys good luck, and do not hesitate to ask if I missed something above, I will be happy to answer you, and again thank you for replying to Shirley’s messages.


  76. I unlocked the phone and followed the instructions closely. the phone shutdown but never restarted so i turned it on myself after a few minutes. and put another service providers sim card and it turned on and worked fine. But after a few seconds it shutdown and restarted over and over. Is there anyway to get the phone to stay on while unlocked? Any suggestion would be helpful

  77. hi does any body know if the the nec e616v can be unlocked.

  78. hi i was wondering whether this method will work on the nec e313 your advice will be much appreciated thank you.

  79. I have three 3g NEC E313 phones to unlock to O2. I have dowloaded the USB file and NECTALK, I have purchased a USB lead. The USB drivers unzip fine as does nectalk. The phone is showing in the modems properties menu, but when I try the unlock code nectalk can not find the phone. The other utilities on the CD work fine – picture/video transfer. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  80. Brother Ali, i bought NEC E616v Mobile (from 3 network in UK) I want to unlock so can you help me how to unlock? I have USB cable with mobile. Waiting of your reply Thanks. May God bless you

  81. hi,

    I have got this e525, can someone unlock it for me please.



  82. you are awsome! I have been looking for a very long time, for working method to unlock my 525. Thanks you answered all my questions.

  83. I get the error “Error while scanning for PTE code” when I try the steps about. I have used all these commands
    nectalk -pt unlock
    nectalk -pt pte 10079 unlock
    nectalk -pt pte 0079 unlock



  86. Do you know if nectalk will unlock my nec 515? please help me I’m desperate to unlock this phone coz I will be travelling alot in the next few weeks. thanks alot,

  87. Hi Dear
    If u dont mind plz help me out to unlock my NEC E616V, I bought it from uk but i m a residence of pakistan and i want to use this Mobile in my country but i cant because its lock can u help me

  88. Hi,
    I’ve recentlly bought a data cable for my NEC e525 but I dont have a CD Rom with it, does anyone know of anywhere online I can download the program to transfer files from the phone to the pc and vice versa?

  89. Hi everybody, i live in Argentina and i brought the NEC 525 from USA, it was with AT&T servises, i used a chip with one company and i unlocked it using code #7320*………*, then, i put my Sim card, and it say, “the sim cannot be read” and i cannot use my phone.
    I tried with the nectalk, and i did everything, but something is wrong, because my cell phone is still locked.
    on DOS mode ……. i input “nectalk -pt pte 0079 unlock” …… it find the port 4, and the message is…… “using autodetected comm 4” and inmediately my cell turn off……… i turn on the cell and nothing happend.
    Can somebody help me to unlock this phone?
    I tried to do it with the sim inside, without the sim, with the blocked sim, with a non blocked sim, and nothing happened!!!!
    HELP me HELP me

    MArtin, from Argentina

  90. also i input the command nectalk read 0 1d the binare code from the phone, but, what i can do with it?
    can somebody help me, my email is martiti .at. yahoo . com

  91. i have 3g nec e616v and i want to unlock it Tmobile can u help me please

  92. Hi Ali can u help me by sending me a usb driver a nec e616v model if could direct me how to unlock it to T moble

  93. Hi Guys,
    Doing some research on the web and it seems like these guys are very reliabe and not too expensive:


  94. hi, help me about unlocking my nec e616v from three 3 network. send me codes or software .i am in pakistan so please………..i shall be very thankful to u……..

  95. No luck with unlock. Can any one help, please?

  96. Will these instructions work with USA AT&T version of the phone?

  97. Yes, they should be fine.
    Try just
    nectalk -pt unlock

  98. I just tried this out on an NEC 525, and plan to use it on 3 more tomorrow plus an NEC 515. It’s awesome, thank you so much for putting this up and to the nectalk guy. Whatelse can his app do?

  99. you you have unlocking code for samung E300?please

  100. hi. i have the NEC 525 and am trying to unlock it, the drive i got is not installing properly. it says: An error occured during the installation of the device. The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for this device instance.

  101. help me out pleasse

  102. Please help.Are you aware of a way to unlock NEC e616V from 3pay.

  103. anyone know if this will work on the nec 535M in the us?thanks!

  104. I am in America and 0079 without the 1 worked great for me.

  105. Make sure your simm is not in the phone when you unlock it!

  106. can i transfer java games to the nec e525 via usb cable

  107. i must either be a complete idiot OR a NON techy type guy …. HOW the hell do i INSTAL the drivers from the link suggested? .. PLEASE state in PLAIN english please ?? :)) i am going mad ! thanks

  108. Firstly ..THANKS ALI !!!!
    Second …. THANKS to whoever wrote NECTALK !!!
    Third …. i have now got a UNLOCKED nece525 ! yipee!!!! my OVERWHELMIMG THANKS go to the guy here who gave a ‘step-by-step’ way of doing it..VISIT THIS COMMENT…Comment by bachri — 6/10/2004 @ 7:38 am
    thanks BACHRI..u r a star!

  109. Thanks Ali ..i unlocked my NEC 515 using the command (without the 1 in the front. ) ..thanks alot.

  110. please help me! how i unlock a nec e515?i can’t enter in menu, i just recived calls, i can’t do nothing, please help me! escuse my eanglish, i’m roumain. Tiberiu

  111. please help me!

  112. tried to install the USB drivers but the PC said it couldn’t install it. why? i’m running win200.

  113. Hi, Ive followed ur directions, but I have only one problem. I have my phone plugged in with the driverinstalled and NECTALK downloaded and installed, but everytime I open NECTALK, it opens for 4 secondsand then the window closes every time. How can I deal with this problem

  114. I have an NEC 525 phone that I’m using on ATT in the US. Will your method work to unlock my phone as well?

  115. I got my NEC phone unlocked using the program without any problem. I am using ATT service. Before I unlock it, it will not accept other sim card, it will error ” Invalid sim card” if you insert any card other than ATT. However I did not find the *#7230# any useful. It will not tell you whether your phone is lock or unlock. IMPORTANT: It is not true that the phone is unlocked when it return “not executed”. It said the same message before and after I unlock my phone.

    If you have unlock the phone, your NEC can work in ASIA by changing the feq to 900MHz. In countries like, singapore, you can get a sim card for S$20.00(100minutes) or 18.00 for top up(pre-paid, no agreement). In Malaysia, MY$17.00(30 minutes). The phone work in any other asia countries, except Japan, where you have to change the freq to 1800/1900mHz. If you travel to europe, set it to 1800mHz

  116. I ahve nec e616V please send me copy of any softwares which is open the lock.

    Thank you

  117. The instructions worked just as stated. Treat it like any other USB device that needs a driver and it worked, no problems.

  118. I think this does not work on e606. I have tried, no results.
    What do think about his, Ali?

  119. Where’s the file?

    i click to download it and theres nothing there!

  120. I´m having the same kind of troubles as mike

  121. Try now, it should be fine.

  122. hi Ali, ive downloaded the files; driver and nettalk,when i boot up nettalk it finds ports 3,4,5,6, then the program shuts, how do i type in the unlock code, i haven found any command for installing the drivers either,there is an uninstall icon but no install icon in the drivers folder, Please help.
    Moe, i have a NEC616v on 3G, in England.

  123. Hi Ali, besides using another SIM card to see the phone is unlocked, is there another way? Seem like from uong’s post, *#7230# does not work.

  124. Do you need a sim card in the 525 before you use nectalk. If so does the sim card need to be activated by the service provider. I am unable to have nectalk recognize my phone using all the suggestions contained here.

  125. append to above: I made a little progress using pte0079: program “Found pte code0079” but had
    “error reading from serial port”
    “This function not supported on this system”
    “communicate got bad response for command “Test Mode On” use PTE Command”

  126. append to above: Finally success!!!!
    changed computers and also com ports. (com 6)
    It appears that the pte code is 0079 (10079 for UK)

  127. Can you tell me how to unlock a samsund D500 and a Motorola C975 & V500

  128. You will need a cable solution for that phone i believe. You can buy it from ebay or ask a local phone seller…

  129. Do anyone how how to reset my phone. There is a lock pin code. HOw do i do a hard reset. please.

  130. Is there a way to unlock it using IMEI?

  131. how do i unlock my nec e616 v

  132. any solution for mate for NEC e616V? Please sent it to me as well, thank you.

  133. hey i have a data cable for it can yo usend mre the software to unlock the NEC E616V phone i don’t want a temporary unlock

  134. Hi Ali
    Thank you for the instructions. It worked like a charm. Only thing I had a issue with was with the PTE code. It worked with 0079 instead of 10079.


  135. hey guys i have unlocked nec 525s and others by following the steps and add a 0 instead of 1 (i.e.00079 instead of 10079). Thanks again to my man Ali.


  136. Hi Ali,
    I have nec 515 and usb cable but I can’t download pics etc. could you help me? do I need some software?
    thank you.

  137. Ali, Thanks a lot for the instructions.
    I have another question though. How can i change the bootup image and delete the images AT&T put on the phone I don’t really need (and other ring-tones as well). I guess how do i ‘debrand’ it?

    Thanks a lot.

  138. I have ATT wireless/NEC 525 phone and I tried unlocking as mentioned above.
    DOS prompt has returned with out any error message. To confirm I I tried entering *#7230# and I got “not executed” message, but when I tried putting in cingular sim card, I’m getting “Invalid SIM” message. Does that mean, my phone is not unlocked?

    Thanks in advance

  139. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  140. Hi, Ive got a samsung E700 and want to unblock the network
    T-Moblie to O2. Ive tried different codes but none work.
    Please can you help?

  141. Please Can I unlock NEC 338 with the NEC 3G software and how can I get the software and the kit in Nigeria.

  142. Bill, what exact command did you enter?

    nectalk -pt unlock

  143. Hi.Could you tell me if I can unlock nec 515 like this.

  144. yes.. it works on 515 and 525

  145. I have 3 ATT wireless/NEC 525 phone and I unlock with nectalk.
    DOS prompt has returned with out any error message, but when I tried
    to use, the speaker saund is low, why? Thanks in advance……..


  146. Hi Ali,

    Just bought a Pay as you go Samsung Z140V at Vodafone UK. Any idea how to unlock it?
    Many thanks.

  147. nec 525. worked like a charm

  148. People!! How dumb can one get??!!??
    Ali posted detailed instructions that even retarder ***** will understand!!Just follow them step by step and stop flooding this post by dumbass question like”PLEASE HELP ME” or”HELP ME UNLOCK MY NEC”
    THANKS ALI! Worked like a charm

  149. hey, got a nec n840, does the app work for that? what is unlocking? is it so that it can use vodafone wap/mms services when the phone is bought from hongkong?

    got cable and stuffs…

  150. Need download link for NECTALK

  151. I have an NEC525 and I am trying to unlock the code so that I can use it with my sim card . I have the usb data cable and the unlock codes, however I know now that I need a cd rom to install the phone into my pc. How can I obtain this CD rom, Could it be downloaded on the net?

    Or is tehre anyway..Can you help me please

  152. hey… just got the vodaphone z140v samsung phone. need to unlock it to use an orange sim card. any idea how i could do tht???

    many thanks


  153. please who have site with nectalk .please help

  154. Hi, Ive got a samsung E700 and want to unblock the network
    T-Moblie to O2. Ive tried different codes but none work.
    Please can you help?

  155. Where can I get NECTalk? Your download page doesn’t seem to
    be working.

  156. worx like a charm! had old at&t phone, needed it unlocked to go to cingular (oh its not possible, oh we dont do that, oh not even manufacturer can do, there are WMD’s there not just oil i tell you, etc).

    got a cheapo cable on ebay from some dude in hong kong for $7, followed ali’s and bachri’s instructions above, and bingo – cingo worx on the oldo. now if we can just find those gosh darn evasive WMD’s, y’all.

    btw i had to use “nectalk -pt pte 0079 com03 unlock”, got some error msgs but it still worked! now to figure out how to upload ring tone files w/o paying da man.

  157. The link to the nectalk software is not working. Can you email it to me please?

  158. can any1 send me nectalk pls to

  159. I have installed usb driver on laptop (windows XP), but don’t know how to tranfer pictures and ring tones from my nec 515 mobile phone. Can anybody help? If possible plz email me at

  160. I have a at&t nec525 can u help me to unlock….bought phone in new york but want to use it in Belize Central America

  161. can i unlock a nec 515 with the same software that works on the 525 nec?thanks.

  162. Hey everyone, Ive got this cool NEC 616 mobile from the UK but its locked.
    I tried the temporary unlock method but not all the features well unlocked for example i wasnt able to read or send messages,nether could i access or save in the phonebook and apart from this my call records were not accessable.I need to get it unlocked in India, so can someone help.

  163. mohammad ali junaid

    hi mr ali i am from mpakistan i recently got e 228 its working properly it has only one flaw its battery life is poor and i also have this problem thaht i wan use grs and mms service but i tried but gprs is not going to activated do u know any thin thing about it how the problem wil solve ,and may i use 256 stick duo,or may i send media players and java games through usb cable.

  164. I wa trying to download NECTalk, but all the links I’ve found so far are dead. Is it still available anywhere?

  165. Check out Bachri’s post of October 6th, 2004. I downloaded NECtalk at, bought a cheap cable for $13 or $14 at and got the USB drivers from That plus the instructions and I walked right through the procedure. Thanks Bachri.

  166. how can i get my infor red to work on the nec e525

  167. Just a little FYI, I just unlocked my NEC525. I went to the NEC website and emailed the online tech support. They emailed the unlock code and it works.

  168. Hi Ali, I was able to unlock my NEC 525 without any problems. It will read US sim cards but it won’t read my Smart sim card (sim card from the Philippines). The error is “Unable to read SIM). Do you think there is a fix on this issue. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  169. Hello,

    The link for Nectalk is broken, I tried search engines to find and download it but no luck, any ideas.

    Thank Yoiu

  170. i need an unlock code for a motorola v3 razor through t-mobile.

  171. am unasble to access the infra red on the nec e525. just tell hw am going to do it.

  172. Hi. Can i use my bluetooth to do this?

  173. My problem is, not conecting at all..
    Its not finding the phone.
    all drivers are installed clearly also its showing in divicemanager but still the software not found phone..
    is there any solution for this pls help

  174. How do I unlock an NEC e616v please?

  175. please send me the software for unlocking nec e 616v


  176. Need the link to nectalk
    it seems to be broken, I was able to download the drivers needed, but not the nectalk,
    Please help me

  177. hi ali
    i want to know is it working also
    with vodaphone sharp gx29 ?
    tell me soon
    if no then can you tell me plz that where can i unlock this
    phone in india ? to work with here’s network



  179. hi do you have an unlocking code for samsung z500v please help many thanks

  180. hi ali, on my locked e313 (3) WHICH is on com4 port, i tryed the command and its says using specifed com4 and then it hangs.


  181. hi ali, i bought a nec e228 mobile phone but i’m having problems sending or recieving Emails, MMS. Also i can’t accesss wap sites. But my network provider (MTN-Nigeria) offers these services but i can’t have access to them. please is there any way you could help me i’m really worried especially in the area of not being able to veiw MMS messages that have been sent to me, and also not being able to acess wap sites. i’m worried . If it needs unlocking, can iget the unlock code. i’d be very greatful. thanks

  182. can i unlock my phone because it as a phone lock on it not a sim lock for free

  183. hi there i cant remember my password for getting into my music and images and evereything would you be able to help me thanks!.

  184. hi there i cant remember my password for getting into my music and images and evereything would you be able to help me it is a j600 samsung thanks .

  185. I have a vodafone 716, I would like to debrand it, can you tell me how to do it pls.

    Many thanks


  186. is there any way to use a t mobile sim card in a black jack

  187. Hi ive got a sony ericsson k800i IMEI 35908701-181389-0-41 does anyone have the unlock code for it ???? Mnay thanks

  188. my son just bought a vodafone mobile model 810 (huawei)locked and realised he can put his t-mobile sim in it.ive just been had by an online unlocking service how sold me an unlocking report not the code and now vodafone want 20.00 GBP to unlock it.anyone out there with any aid would be gratefully accepted.martin

  189. i have a sonny ericsson 5.0 cybershot way back in the summer is there any way i can unblock it ??

  190. i have found a sonny ericsson 5.0 cybershot way back in the summer is there any way i can unblock it ??

  191. Hi. I Have a Samsung G600 that keeps saying ” Network Lock” How do I unlock it?????????

  192. hiya can you tell me where i can get a 02 or vodafone sim card on 900mhz that will work in the uk please reply to

  193. hey i tried to unlock my phone but it locked the whole phone and now i cant get it to work is there any codes or anything that will help me??

  194. its a sansumg j600 😀

  195. HI,

    kINDLY GET THE UNLOCKING CODE FOR SAGEM MY 150X – 355726017313447-

  196. Hi,
    please send the BYOND 900 mobile unlock code..

  197. how do i unlock a LG TESCO PHONE WITH ITS SLIM CARD TIDE TO O2

  198. please could you send and unlocking close for
    samsung pixson m8800…

  199. unlock code for Samsung Genio Touch S3560 please.

    IMEI – 35675903445597-1


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