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WordPress CAN handle the DIGG effect!

With all the constant put downs of WordPress by the digg community, I am here to prove that WordPress can in fact, handle the digg effect 🙂

P3 800Mhz
512 Rambus memory
20GB hdd
7392k down / 482k up

Lets ‘av it !

*rolls up sleeves

How can I change a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) to another color?

When you receive a STOP error, Windows displays the STOP on a Blue screen, hence the name BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

If you prefer a Red screen with White text, or any other color combination that is easier for you to see:

1. Open %SystemRoot%SYSTEM.INI in Notepad.exe.
2. Locate the [386enh] section.
3. If the MessageBackColor= and MessageTextColor= entries are present, change them. Otherwise, add them to the end of the section. To have a Red screen with White text, use:


Using the following codes (case is important):

0 = black
1 = blue
2 = green
3 = cyan
4 = red
5 = magenta
6 = brown
7 = white
8 = gray
9 = bright blue
A = bright green
B = bright cyan
C = bright red
D = bright magenta
E = bright yellow
F = bright white

4. Save the changes to the %SystemRoot%SYSTEM.INI file.
5. Shutdown and restart your computer.

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How can I use Microsoft FrontPage to back up or restore a Microsoft SharePoint site?

FrontPage lets you create archives of SharePoint sites for backup and restore purposes. To do so, perform the following steps:

1. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to open the SharePoint site.
2. From the File menu, select “Edit with Microsoft Office FrontPage.”
3. In FrontPage, select Tools, Server, Backup.
4. Check the “Include subsites in archive” option and click OK.
5. Select a folder and filename for the Web site archive file (.fwp) and click Save.
6. After the backup is complete, click OK to the “Backup completed” dialog box.

To restore a site, perform the following steps:

1. Create a new site (to which the archive will be restored). When the wizard asks you to select a template, close IE so that no template is applied.
2. In FrontPage, open the site that you just created (Click File, Open Site, and enter the URL of the site you just created).
3. In FrontPage, select Server, Restore Web Site, from the Tools menu.
4. Select the name of the archive file and click Open.
5. Click OK to restore the Web site.

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How can I make links in Microsoft SharePoint technologies open in a new browser window?

By default, SharePoint links open in the existing browser window. You can find several solutions for this behavior on the Web, but I found the following solution to be the easiest:

1. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to open the SharePoint page containing the links?
2. From the File menu, select “Edit with Microsoft Office FrontPage.”
3. In FrontPage, right-click the section with the links and from the displayed context menu select “Convert to XSLT Data View.”
4. Right-click one of the links and select Hyperlink Properties.
5. From the displayed dialog box, click the Target Frame button.
6. Select New Windows and click OK to all dialog boxes.
7. Save the page changes.

How can I burn a CD-ROM image from the command line?

The Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP resource kits provide the cdburn.exe utility, which, like the dvdburn.exe utility, can burn an ISO file to a physical CD burner drive and uses the format

cdburn <drive>: <image>

Typing cdburn with no parameters will list the utility’s Help information, which includes additional options related to the speed of the burn, type of write mode (e.g., session-at-once instead of the default track-at-once), and sector postgap options.

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