Jun 29, 2005 - General, Windows XP    47 Comments

Windows update gives a 80246005 error

To fix this error, try:

Click start-run type services.msc then press enter

Look for the Automatic Updates Service, right click it and choose to stop

Click start->run type %windir%SoftwareDistribution then press enter

Open the DataStorage folder and delete its contents.

Click start->run type services.msc

right click the Automatic Update Service and choose to start

Now try running the Updates again.

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  • Thanks a million.
    I was reinstalling an old Win xp from a Dell recovery disk. While doing the myriad security and service pack updates something obviously got corrupted. This advice saved the day.

    Great job you are doing.

  • Most welcome.

  • Wow ! Saved my life too!!

    I was reinstalling an old Win xp from a Packard Bell recovery disk.

    I suspect it’s another Microsoft bug rather than a ‘corrupt’ file .

    Anyway, your workaround works great!



  • Thank you so much for this. It worked

  • thanks mate saved me a heap of trouble

  • welcome 😉

  • Thanks mate – nothing in the whole of microsoft.com about 80246005 error… saved my day! 🙂

  • Thanx man, saved the day..

  • Thanks a lot, life is so simple when you know what
    you are doing…

  • Saved my hide on a clients newly-rebuilt Dell. Thanks much!

  • It’s funny that Microsoft doesn’t have this solution anywhere. ANYWHERE.

    Good work. 🙂 Thank you!

  • Keep up the good work. Bill Gates eat your heart out!!!

  • Install from a Dell recovery CD. Info saved my butt. Thanks, you’re awesome!

  • great!thanks~

  • Thanks… better support than the support from the fancy microsoft site

  • Thanks Ali that worked a treat!!

  • This is most fortunate. Thank you very much indeed. Keep up the good work. I hit my ctrl+d

  • Yep saved my butt as well!!

  • Saved my day as well. Thanks a million!!!

  • Great, thanks, it worked!

  • it seems like you are better that Micro$oft.
    thanks for the help

  • Hi,
    You are (one of )the greatest – thanks a lot –

  • Thank you for this tip. I don’t understand why Microsoft didn’t have this at their site. I had to google for an answer when I saw this page (first in the results, btw). Good work Ali!

  • Ali for president!!

  • You da man!!! Thanks.

  • thx, great.

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  • […] to show the error number: 80264005 Google then brings up Ali’s helpful blog entry: Windows update gives a 80246005 error Basic rundown: Stop the Automatic Updates service, delete the contents of C: […]

  • Cheers Ali, sorted it for me after a hour on the microsoft website

  • Ya’all Get *nix and you won’t have any of these silly problems.

  • how do fix a freezing screen on my NEC phone???

  • i recieved a windows update file with error,wich dont let me delete from my computer


  • i am trying to sign up for tagged but it says that my e-mail addy is blocked, please Help!!!

  • my laptop is running on a 64 bit windows vista. since i don’t have ebough resources to purchase an office 2007, my friend installed one for non-commercial use. it lasted for 2 wks but now i can’t even edit anything w/ it.

    people are telling me the problem is w/ the 64 bit w/c has a completely different operating system w/ its 32 bit counterpart. maybe coz they don’t have the same problems i’m encountering. how do i solve this problem? really need your advice. thanks

  • Thank sooooooo much. I’ve been tearing my hair out over this problem during the past few months.

    Like other posters, had no joy with MS website and the helpline I pay for monthly didn’t help either.

    Will now be cancelling my sub to the helpline and have put this site as a shortcut on my desk top.

    Thanks again.

  • Top Bloke…
    now solved a problem whilst trying to update a toshiba laptop

  • Thanks

  • Has anyone tried this solution with Windows Vista Home Premium SP1!?!? And does it work?

    I see some folks with Vista reported they will try and post back and never saw anything from them!


  • Thanks for the help!

  • thank for your advice.

  • right i did this but it came up with another error saying that it couldnt connect to my network to look for the updates? now it says its never been updated? omg im so pissed off at vista might just get rid and get a laptop on xp 🙂 but… seriously i deleted that data folders contents but still no wifi??? if anyone can help me please email me at tom220688@hotmail.co.uk

  • Thanks for the help Ali. Yes gonwk, It works well with Vista too.

  • Hello, for some reason I don’t have automatic update services, I’m using a Windows VISTA, and it doesn’t have automatic update services, what should I do?

  • Yep, this works in XP and VISTA.

    ABYM Consulting

  • wow! amazing!!!
    Tons of Thanks! 🙂

  • The KB of Microsoft did not resolve the problem for a Windows 7 OS, but this trick worked for me.

    Thanks a lot for this trick. 🙂

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