Nov 12, 2004 - General    1 Comment

VMware authorization service makes hang system when installing vmware 4.5.x

Symptom: When installing VMware 4.5.1, my system has hung during installing VMware Authorization service. No way but to reset the system. But, this leads to failure of uninstallation.

If you try a clean install of 4.0.x it works fine on the same system.

The fix appears to be that you must have a swap file to complete the installation:-)
As soon as i enabled the swap file, i was able to complete the installation.

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1 Comment

  • Nice tip this worked great. I was having a problem with the VMWare installation hanging during the installation of the Authorization service. Some folks may have a problem finding the swap file setting. Here is how I did it on my WinXP box:
    Control Panel -> System ->Advanced -> Performance -> Settings -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory [Change] ->System Managed Sized.

    Thanks for the tip!

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