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Aug 29, 2004 - General    4 Comments

Why do I receive time errors when I run the Dcdiag utility?

The time errors might be occurring because the domain controller (DC) isn’t configured with an external time source. You can check the DC’s time-forwarding status by running the command

net time /querysntp
If the DC isn’t set to query an external Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server or the configured server isn’t available, you can set a valid time value by running the command

net time /setsntp:

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What causes the “Initialization error 0x800A1391 error message that I receive when I access Windows Update?

This error occurs when Windows Update can’t download and install the Windows Update ActiveX component. This problem sometimes occurs when a firewall blocks the download of the component. If you’ve verified that your firewall isn’t causing the error, a possible solution for the problem is to add the following sites to the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Trusted Sites zone on the system on which you’re using Windows Update:

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How do I turn off all the script error warnings in Internet Explorer?

Errors like “document.SelfHostedImage is null or not and object” are refering to the script on the web page that does not conform precisely with what IE expects. To avoid such messages (which don’t do anything useful for you since you could not in any case edit the web page’s script), go to Tools menu, Internet options, Advanced tab check the box ‘disable script debugging’ and uncheck the box ‘display a notification about every script error’, click Apply, OK.

Aug 18, 2004 - General    4 Comments

I have an internal firewall between sections of my network. What ports must I open to allow user and computer account authentication?

Basic authentication on a network consists of several steps. First, the client locates a domain controller (DC), which requires DNS connectivity–port 53 on UDP and TCP. Next, the client performs a connectivity test by using a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Ping–port 389 over UDP. Then, the client uses Kerberos (port 88 via UDP and TCP) and Server Message Block (SMB, port 445 via UDP and TCP) to complete the authentication to the DC. Therefore, you must enable all these ports.

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How can I determine whether my new Global Catalog is ready to service clients

When you enable a domain controller (DC) as a GC, the DC can’t start offering a GC service immediately. If you have multiple domains, the GC has to replicate information from another GC or for other domains before it can start functioning as a GC. By default, the new GC will wait at least 5 minutes before offering itself as a GC. You can check the Directory Service event log for event ID 1119, which confirms the server is now a GC.

If you want to automatically check the status of a new GC, you can create the following VBScript script on the DC:

Set objRootDSE= GetObject(“LDAP://RootDSE”)
Wscript.Echo “GC ready: ” & objRootDSE.Get(“isGlobalCatalogReady”)
Save the code in a file called gcready.vbs. Then, to run the script, enter the command

cscript gcready.vbs

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When should I manually defragment a domain controller?

An online defragmentation of the Active Directory (AD) database occurs during the (AD) Garbage Collection process that runs every 12 hours by default. This defragmentation optimizes the database’s structure but doesn’t shrink the database’s size. If you’ve deleted a large number of records from AD or, more likely, you’ve disabled a DC as a Global Catalog (GC) server and you have multiple domains, AD might benefit from an offline defragmentation to shrink the physical size of the AD database.

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I recently promoted a server to a domain controller (DC), and now my event log reports an SPNEGO (Negotiator) event. What’s causing this error?

If this event (event ID 40960 or 40961) appears only once in the event log, you can ignore it. The error occurs when the File Replication Service (FRS) starts before the directory service. If the error persists, you most likely have a problem with the directory service and should start troubleshooting Active Directory (AD).

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How can I determine which domain controllers (DCs) my Microsoft Exchange Server system is using?

Exchange has an internal process called MSExchangeDSAccess Topology Discovery, which runs every 15 minutes and rediscovers the contents of Active Directory (AD). For each DC it discovers, the process runs a series of tests against the DC and selects one or more DCs that contain the information that Exchange requires (i.e, a configuration DC, a domain DC, and a Global Catalog–GC).

You can check the status of the Topology Discovery process by viewing the Application event log. The chosen servers are logged in event ID 2081, as the following example shows:

Event Type: Information
Event Source: MSExchangeDSAccess
Event Category: Topology
Event ID: 2081
Date: 8/3/2004
Time: 7:17:25 PM
User: N/A
Computer: Raptor
Process MAD.EXE (PID=1708). DSAccess will use the servers from the
following list:
Domain Controllers:

Global Catalogs:

The Configuration Domain Controller is set to

For more information, click
If selected GCs are unavailable, the process will attempt to contact them every 5 minutes until the next topology discovery. If the GC is unavailable when the Topology Discovery process is run, the process removes it from the list of DCs it can use. When the GC comes back online, the Topology Discovery process detects it during the next check

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NEC e525

If you have a problem connecting to memory editor try downloading the version from Here

select the correct com port by looking in system-hardware-device manager-modems-necmodem

Thanks to Paul Lavey for the tip.

Aug 13, 2004 - General    9 Comments

NEC 525 Memory Editor

It will allow you to:
Upload download pics and mid/mmf
Manage your phone book
Manage groups
Manage your to do list
Manage your schedule/reminders
Back-up you phone settings

Direct Download

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