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Configure a short cut to ‘Run As’ a different user

This tip only works on short cuts. So create a short cut to one of your key programs, for example Active Directory Users and Computers. Right click the short cut, Properties, Advanced (Button), Run with Different Credentials. The idea behind ‘Run As’ is to encourage you to log on as an ordinary user, and then use ‘elevated rights’ when you need to run the administrative tools. What it does is save you having to log off and then logon again as the administrator.

Jul 1, 2004 - General, Windows 2003    No Comments

To display your Username and Computer Name on the ‘My Computer’

a) Use regedit to locate [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} rename LocalizedString to LocalizedString.Old. I advice this step in case anything goes wrong and you want to revert to how it was.

b) Create a new VALUE type Expand_SZ name it LocalizedString Set the value of LocalizedString to %Username% at %Computername%
Press F5 to refresh the ‘My Computer’, there is no need to logoff and certainly do not reboot.

Jul 1, 2004 - General, Windows 2003    2 Comments

Disable the original Administrator account

In Windows Server 2003, for the first time, you CAN disable the Administrator account. My point is that every hacker knows that Windows has a username called Administrator, so defend it by disabling the account. (Right Click the Administrator, Disable) Obviously you must create another account with administrative privileges.

There are two variations of this tip.

a) You could disable the account from logging on across the network

b) You could rename the account and create a dummy administrator to confuse would be hackers

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